Graduate Shelbylynn Hawkins' mortarboard at the Sierra Nevada College 2018 Commencement Ceremony
It was not the wise words of Aristotle or Plato that got me through 72 hours of straight awakeness. It was you guys!
Valedictorian Giulianna Crivello

Voices from Commencement 2018

2018 Commencement Highlights

The Speakers

Valedictorian Giulianna Crivello

“For the past three and a half years I have skimmed through textbooks (I use the term “skimmed” lightly), completed group papers (why, Mary Lewellen?), pulled a lot of all-nighters (so kind, business plan), shot down my first black diamond (thank you Lauren Bloom, and endlessly doubted myself that has led to a couple thousand existential crises. And yet, it was not the wise words of Aristotle or Plato, or the French impressionism of Monet, that often got me through the 72 hours of straight awakeness. It was you guys!

Commencement Speaker Jan Stevens ’77

“Like many people, my life had been a struggle until I found out what I wanted to do. Music is my sanctuary and I can lose myself in creative thought for hours. Even if I didn’t end up having career success, I would still have no regrets about doing what I loved… So, what do you see for yourself, what do you want? What gets you excited? I invite you to think big, to take risks, to be open to all possibilities and see yourself as deserving of great things and success.”

The Graduates

Caitlyn Admire
Caitlyn worked very hard on her degree, and hopes for a bright future.

Emilie Amundsen
Thank you so much to my family for giving me the opportunity to go to college in such a beautiful place. And, thank you to all the friends I made here that made these four years amazing!

Richard Baldwin
Richard thanks his parents, Laura and Rodger, for their constant support. I could not have done this without them!

Brian Bales
Thank you to my family, friends, and pow-filled winters for making the last four years awesome!

Kyle Barnedt

Olivia Boomhower
Thank you to my family! I am now headed into nature to decompress from the last four years!

Amanda Borries
Amanda is very proud of her accomplishments, and is excited to do great things in her future!

Kevin Brod
Kevin thanks his parents, Jon and Deb, for their continued support!

Kyle Brown
I worked hard, made some great friends, and still found time to have fun and enjoy the Tahoe experience!

Kosei Champollion
Kosei thanks his dad and his wife for all the support and love given to him.

Connor Clayton
I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to study, earn a degree, and make some amazing connections in such a beautiful place. I cannot thank my mom and dad enough for their immense support, and the opportunities they have given me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

Giulianna Crivello
Giulianna thanks her mother, father, Gio and Sammy, as well as her roommates, and the rest of her friends and family.

Conner Doyle
Conner would like to thank his family for their support over the last four years, as well as the faculty at SNC for making his time here enjoyable.

Angel Dwyer
Angel plans to use her marketing degree to obtain a career in major league baseball following graduation.

Hanalei Edbrooke
Hanalei came to SNC because of her passion for snowboarding, and her drive to challenge limits and question convention.

Dylan Fangmeier
Dylan will continue to live in Tahoe and assist with the Lacrosse team.

Dylan Hagan
Dylan is pursuing his Masters in mountain living at the University of “home is where you park it!”

Franklin Hall
Franklin enjoyed his four years at SNC while studying ski business and marketing, and being on the freestyle ski team. The memories he made at SNC will last forever.

Hannah Hasbrouck
Hannah thanks her parents for their continuous love and support.

Alexandra Hastings
Thank you to my parents and professors, who supported me through this journey.

Shelbylynn Hawkins
Shelbylynn would like to thank everyone who has helped her get to this point.

Mario Herrera
It look a lot of work to reach this goal. I had to show-up every day whether I felt like it or not! I hope I’ll continue to be a person who shows-up day in and day out for those things that are worthwhile and important in life.

Travis Hoff
Thank you to the staff of SNC! With a special thank you to my parents for all your love and support.

Kimberly Holbrook
Kimberly is proud to say she completed her Psychology degree, and is continuing her education by pursuing a Masters in Special Education.
Thank you to all friends, family, and my husband, Freeman, who helped me on my way from the beginning to the end of this journey.

Michael Huggins
It has been an eventful and fun four years here at SNC! I look forward to creating success in the motorsports industry.

Steven Jenab
Steven enjoyed his time at SNC studying business marketing, and wants to say thank you for all of the faculty that helped guide him along the way. Also, thank you to his parents for supporting him no matter what.

Brittney Jimmerson
Brittney plans on furthering her education in behavior analysis.

Kierra Keller
This season in Tahoe has helped all of us grown. Kierra and her daughter, Sofia, came, rocked it, and conquered. But, friends, this is only the beginning!

Ryan Knuppenburg
Ryan plans to stay in Tahoe for another six months for a ski season with no homework interruptions, and to continue his volunteer work at Tahoe Safe Alliance, a local non-profit in Incline Village, which provides resources to abuse victims.
After building his volunteer hours and, hopefully, publishing his independent research papers, he plans to apply for grad schools on the East coast for 2020.

Mihaela Kosi
Mihaela would like to thank her family, friends, ski coaches, and professors that support her during college years. And, huge gratitude to the ski team, who made her days here full of joy. I will miss you all!

Isaac Laredo
Isaac loves powder, retrievers, and climbing cracks. He will continue to apply his new skill sets in the backcountry and community of the Sierra Nevada’s.

Rachel Lightner
Rachel is graduating with honors in Interdisciplinary Studies in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Journalism. She was a national competitor on the snowboard team all four years, essential editor on the Eagle’s Eye newspaper, President of Wild Women of Tahoe Club,, and media director for the ODAL program. Fly on little wing!

Michelle Mayer
Michelle thanks her friends and family for their support and encouragement of the past years.

Cale Martinez-Tuttle
After college, Cale plans to take time off and travel the world. Shortly after, he plans to attend culinary school in San Diego.

Aidan McCarthy
Aidan thanks his family for all their love and support.

Frederick McCarthy
Frederick would like to thank Stacy Taylor and the Business Department.

Jake McIntyre
I saw the light up on the mountain, to the peak I climb. Breathtaking new perspectives on the life I grind.
-Dilated Peoples

Sybile Moser
I would like to thank my family for their unyielding love and support, as well as Henry Conover, Sarah Fricke, and Christina Frederick.

Amber Nachreiner
Amber could not have done this without the love and support from her family. Much love to my fiancé, Cameron, and daughter, Avery.

West Park
Really needs a beer . . .
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Nicole Ross
Nicole served SNC in many ways during her undergraduate career. She is looking forward to starting a new chapter at graduate school with her cat, Sylvester.

Joseph Schembri
My time at SNC has been an absolute pleasure. This marvelous institute and all of its tremendous staff deserved to be named the best in Nevada. Thank you!

Kyle Simper
Follow your passion, stay true to yourself, never follow someone else’s path, unless you’re in the woods and lost. Then, when you see a path, by all means, you should follow that.

Brittney Smith
Brittney worked diligently to obtain her degree while being a full-time, stay-at-home parent, traveling across the country with her spouse, and continuing to serve her country as a military member of the Nevada Air National Guard.

Lee Anna Strandberg
Thank you, mom and dad, for believing in me, and your continued love and support.

Nicholas Strother
An active athlete, adventure and world traveler. Nick let SNC shape his view of the world and frame his experiences for the rest of his life.

Ryan Stuebe
I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to go to school in Tahoe. All the support I received from my family and friends is what really made this whole adventure possible!

Elias Stuerz
Elias applied for OPT to gain additional work experience before returning to Europe.

Eric Tanguay
Eric has been a member of the Executive Board of SNC’s Student Government Association for the last three years, and has been working as the head golf coach for the last two. After graduating, Eric plans to continue coaching, and to continue his career in the field of professional golf.

Chris Tunnison
Chris was a hard worker, and made others around him better. He was a joy to have around!

David Wadleigh
David thanks all his awesome professors, who made this such a valuable experience, and his parents for their ongoing love and support.

Rachel Whelan
As a first-generation graduate, Rachel thanks her parents, grandparents, and closest friends for their love and support throughout her academic journey.

Raleigh White
Raleigh enjoyed his time at SNC studying Finance and Economics, while skiing on the Freestyle Ski Team. He will never forget all of the great memories made in his four years here.

Photo: Shelbylynn Hawkins