US Bank logo, US Bank sponsors entrepreneurship speaker series at SNC Tahoe
Wed. Feb. 15
Dr. Johannes Ziegler, management consultant and author of Survival of the Smartest

Johannes Ziegler – Bank Speaker Series

Wednesday February 15: Dr. Johannes Ziegler

Location: TCES Tahoe Center for Environmental Science) Rm 139 / 141, on the SNC Tahoe campus in Incline Village.
Time: 11:45am – 12:45pm
Thanks to the generous sponsorship of US Bank, the series is FREE and open to the public.

Dr. Ziegler participated in the landmark international study, published as Survival of the Smartest in 1999, which details the impact of a company’s ability to quickly process information on making effective decisions. His management consulting firm Synesis helped senior executives at companies including IBM, Microsoft, 3Com, and Volkswagen, improve customer orientation and agility in their organizations. When Miaplaza, founded in 2004 as a social networking platform, was rendered irrelevant by the dominance of Facebook, Johannes led the company through a radical transformation to focus on interactive online educational platforms for children.

Wednesday April 12: Nora Lacey

Nora Betyousef became an entrepreneur in 1994. After twenty-five years working in biotechnology, she founded Cell Marque Corp., which specializes in cancer-detection products for pathology laboratories. She grew the company from an initial $5,000 investment to a 100 employee company manufacturing immunohistochemistry diagnostic products for pathology labs worldwide, then sold 2014 to the multinational conglomerate Merck KGaA. After the sale Nora focused on philanthropy. She established the non-profit Nora Betyousef Foundation, leveraging her management expertise to encourage and mentor Assyrian entrepreneurs in starting their own businesses, and established the Assyrian Arts Institute (AAI).

SNC Tahoe Business Speaker Series, Sponsored by US Bank

The SNC Tahoe Business Speaker Series brings a variety of entrepreneurs, corporate CEOs, and other business leaders to our campus to share their experience and expertise on entrepreneurism and business. The series reinforces the college’s commitment to professional preparedness with exciting opportunities for SNC students, alumni, and the local community to learn from experienced, successful business practitioners.