Zachary Birdsell

Zachary Birdsell, Psychology major, enters the professional world prepared

Major: Psychology

Class of: 2016

I have been working with clients who have mental disabilities since I graduated from SNC. I was able to finalize my credentials for Qualified Mental Health Associate, Basic Skills Training, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist, and Case Management in the field of Psychology once I got my degree in Psychology, and was hired immediately.

I am currently a Case Manager for a company which is a contract provider for Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services, part of the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health. Our treatment plans are individualized for each client to help them adapt and function with their disability. Our end goal is to help every client become more independent by teaching them skills and promoting better lifestyle changes. Some of our clients are able to live on their own with assistance. Others need a lot more help so we have several group homes, one of which provides 24 hour one-on-one support for its residents.

My responsibilities as Case Manager entail overseeing most of the community clients; overseeing the group homes, including supervising staff and ensuring medication logs and support logs were done; developing treatment plans; and working one on one with some of the clients.

“The fact that SNC’s senior psychology students had a 100% acceptance rate to the 2016 Stanford Undergraduate Psychology Conference, where only a total of 100 students from around the country were accepted to present, speaks for itself.”

It is my belief that the Psychology program at SNC provides much more in-depth experience than most. I was able to get ahead of the game by producing graduate school quality work as an undergrad. When we presented our research at Stanford and at the University of Nevada, Reno, our peers took notice of our high quality work. I am currently working on submitting my undergraduate research project, entitled “Does Priming Influence Stereotype Identification?”, for publication, which will help me stand out when I apply to graduate programs in psychology.

SNC will always have a special place in my heart. I would never have had this level of success if it were not for my mentor, Christina M. Frederick, Ph.D. She gives her time, energy, and her own resources to help her students succeed.

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