Weston Park

Weston Park, Sustainability major, thinks green and wears it too

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Sustainability

Class of: 2017

My parents are the two hardest working people I know. My mom is very entrepreneurial and has grown a very successful team in her industry. My father has been an LAPD police officer for many years. He has seen a lot of bad things and has some wild stories, but he is inspired to help the communities and people he serves. I also remember my parents always going out of their way to help others, whether is was helping family or friends, or sticking up for the less fortunate. Watching them do all of this while expecting nothing in return was really inspiring and has stuck with me to this day.

My motivation is to help others, work hard, and have fun playing in the great outdoors. When I was in junior college I had a hard time figuring out what career fit, but once I learned about sustainability I knew it was the field for me. As a student of sustainable practices, we study the economy, society, and environment to improve the quality of life now, and to ensure that future generations can to live safely and sufficiently and enjoy this beautiful world God has blessed us with.

Weston Park, Sustainability major, looks out at the land he plans on conserving “In sustainability we learn how everything is interconnected in some way, that in the bigger picture everything affects everything.”

Studying sustainability here has had an interesting way of making me think about the future. The field itself focuses on ‘short-term actions for long-term effects’. I have thought more and more about what what things truly hold value in my future. I’m sure it’s just a part of growing up, but sustainability and all it encompasses really make inspired to take the actions needed now, to ensure the future you want later on. In the next ten years I see myself working for a company where I can use innovation and creativity to solve issues in our economy, society, and environment. I see myself living on a piece of land with in a home I’ve built, with a family and a couple of dogs. My parents always bought fixer upper homes, so I learned to work on them as a kid and I love to build and make things. Also, I would love to have a small organic agricultural farm to provide fruits and veggies, and maybe even a clean energy farm too.

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