Parker Pilati

SNU Tahoe student Parker Pilati enjoying the snow.

Major: Marketing

Class of: 2018

After being offered a golf scholarship, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to live in Tahoe. While living here I have met so many amazing people. I have picked up a core theme from hearing their stories, which is to enjoy the journey! Before coming to Tahoe I had a specific plan for my life, but a year here changed my whole perspective. I no longer want to just go with a safe option when thinking about my future or career – I want to take risks and say yes to exciting opportunities.

“I love to plan new adventures for my friends and I, whether its trips to places we’ve never been or traveling to concerts and festivals.”

Parker Pilati, member of the SNC Tahoe golf team, on the course.My goal in life is to be successful at whatever I’m doing. Even if its something that isn’t very exciting, I want to be great at it. Therefore I try to always put 100% effort into my work, to get as close to perfect as possible. Balancing golf, school, a part-time job, and an internship has forced me to develop better time-management skills, and has also improved my ability to multi-task.

I chose to major in marketing for a few reasons. Marketing plays a major role in business today. Also, it possesses aspects from the analytical side of business but also has those creative components. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a specific career path that I am truly passionate about. I’m unsure of exactly what my future holds, but I will be working hard and living a happy life.

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