Nick Cahill

Digital Arts and Management major Nick Cahill gets the shot from above while flying upside down

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Digital Arts and Management

Class of: 2013

Nick Cahill, now the Media Director of the well-established publication company Force 12 Media, was first introduced to the company through an internship while he was still a student at SNC. Cahill focuses on the outdoor and military video and photography for the site, and is currently working on expanding their network to reach Apple TV and Netflix.

Nick first became involved with video and photography making videos of his friends enjoying the sweet adventures of life and taking photographs of the racecar he built. The education in digital arts he received at SNC gave him the skills and experience to take his work to a professional level. His vertical panorama image “Dark Needle” hit the newsstands in August 2015 as the cover photo for the Fall 2015 National Geographic Special Guide to the Night Sky, a Stargazer’s Companion.

Digital Arts and Management major Nick Cahill takes hike near Lake Tahoe to get images for his publication company
Digital Arts and Management major Nick Cahill had his image as the cover of National Geographic in 2015

“I owe Chris Lanier and Rick Parsons a huge thank you for guiding my photography and video skills, and pushing me to research beyond my knowledge and obtain a wider grasp on these incredible art forms.”

Although his job allows him to work anywhere, Cahill has chosen to stay in Tahoe because of the lifestyle and tax benefits. “Lake Tahoe remains a home to me. It fosters my creativity and love for the outdoors”.

Cahill also has a passion for landscape and music photography. His works appear all around the Tahoe Basin, and he says he will continue to push his connections around the globe. You can check out his personal work at

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