Mike Beiro

SNU marketing student Mike Biero

Major: Marketing , Ski Business and Resort Management

Class of: 2019

After one semester at a large university, I decided to make some fundamental changes in how I was doing things. I took about a year and a half off school. I worked construction and pursued my passions – skiing, hiking, cliff jumping, kayaking, skydiving, and anything else that made me feel alive. I suppose I would call myself an “adrenaline junkie”. With the money I earned working long days of construction, I backpacked and skied the French/Swiss Alps by myself. I got my license to skydive recreationally.

SNC marketing student Mike Biero in the mountains above TahoeIt was during this time I learned an incredible amount about myself. That includes where my strengths are and how I can use those strengths in life to be successful. I learned that I’m hard working, and that a little suffering often yields big payoffs. Another strength of mine is staying positive in tough times. Then I can focus on getting back up stronger after I’ve been knocked down. You’re going to take shots in life, so I think it’s important to roll with those punches.

If you put the work in, the results will follow.

I’ve always had a knack for talking to and connecting with people, and wanted to incorporate that – plus skiing – into my career. So I thought, “Hey, with marketing I can do something I like AND make good money at it too!” Money isn’t everything, but it certainly helps in achieving goals. That is why I made the decision to come back to college, but with a plan in mind. The small school atmosphere at SNC, mixed with the outdoors, was exactly what I was looking for. Here I can work to become successful, but also to have a bit of fun while I’m at it.

I am currently working towards a marketing or advertising summer internship in the Washington DC area. The Washington Capitals (NHL hockey team) is my first choice. Also, I am currently saving money in order to do the running of the bulls this July in Spain with a couple friends. I see myself in the future as a marketing/advertising professional involved in the ski world with a company like K2, Salomon, or North Face. I hope to be making good money, having a positive impact on the world and those around me, and enjoying my own skiing and skydiving adventures.

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