Melissa Watts

Entrepreneurship student Melissa Watts loves the Tahoe beaches

Major: Entrepreneurship

Class of: 2018

I have grown up in a few different places. I was born in Virginia. In elementary school my family moved to Southern California, then in high school we moved to the Bay Area. When it came time to look for a college, I found that SNC had everything that I wanted: small class sizes, hands on learning, business degrees, and on campus housing. One of the best things about this school is being surrounded by beautiful nature. After a long day of classes I can walk to the beach with a friend and watch the sunset on the lake.

When it came time to choose a major I was not sure what I should pursue. I have always been good when it comes to things dealing with business. After I looked into business degrees I learned that with Entrepreneurship, you have to learn about all elements of business and how they all work together. Since I want to step up and help out more with the non-profit I work with I thought that this would be the most beneficial use of my time here. I work for a non-profit organization that repairs and restores military vehicles in order to take them to events to teach people about history.

“My inspiration is the future I want. I want to be successful in my career so I can have the time and money to do all my hobbies. One day I also want to start a family and be a foster mom. In order to do that I need to make sure I get my life together as quickly as possible.”

That is why I am graduating early, so I can start on my future sooner rather than later. As for career, I really am not sure, I have kind of seen it as something I have to do. I think I would like a career in management. I feel like I have good leadership and organization skills, and it is something I like to do. I would love to work for Disney, mostly in their event planning department, but any part would do. I love Disney.

One of my hobbies is writing. I have been writing books since I was about 10 or 11. My writing has grown with me, so when I started writing it was geared towards my age group and it still is. What tends to happen is I start writing a few chapters, then I get an idea for a new book so I start writing the new book. That is why I never seem to finish any. The books that I write are fiction novels, most of them fantasy and mystery. I hope to one day finally finish writing one. It is okay if the book is never published, I just want to do it for myself. I also love working on puzzles, it always feels amazing when you solve a hard problem. And dressing up in my ball gown and going to The Great Dickens Christmas Fair is one of the best ways to be a part of living history.

I see my future as very fruitful. I have friends that I know will stick by me for years to come, and a lot of organizations and hobbies that bring meaning to my life. In 10 years I want to be married, with kids, and well established in my career.

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