Kristine Louise Adde

Global Business Management major Kristine Adde smiles

Major: Global Business Management , Marketing

Class of: 2017

Growing up in Norway, I was always involved with sports and the outdoors, especially alpine skiing. I have always wanted to to travel to the U.S to study, and my parents encouraged me. When my friend told me about SNC and the Ski Team, I knew that this was my chance of getting a degree while enjoying what I love the most; mountains and the beach.

Moving from family and friends to attend school abroad was a lot to adjust to in the beginning, but the open culture in the U.S made it easier.

“Going to such a small school has made it possible to build good relationships with my teachers, which is quite different than I was used to in high school. And being a part of the Ski Team, the team automatically becomes your “family”.”

My freshman year was fun and exciting, meeting new people and getting used to American culture. It was a blast being on the Ski Team and knowing that I had four years ahead of me in such a beautiful place as Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately I had a lot of injuries and surgeries here at SNC, and I had to give up skiing before the end of my second season. I realized that skiing is fun, but education is necessary for me to reach me goals.

When I started at SNC I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to major in. I love working with people, and exploring different cultures, so my adviser Mary Lewellen encouraged me to start with global business management. I have really enjoyed the classes that encourage us to think beyond our own country and really understand the different cultures in business. After I graduate, I hope to get a job in Norway that will give me the opportunity to travel and work with different cultures.

Global Business Management major Kristine Adde skis at Diamond Peak in Lake Tahoe
Global Business Management major Kristine Adde dances at sunset shoreside at Lake Tahoe

Another new challenge was participating in the Pitch competition with a team from my product management and development class. Our proposal for an app to help reduce food waste was great for us to stretch our limits and learn how to work in teams, and to get out of our comfort zone and be creative.

My parents taught me the importance of working hard, but also to enjoy life while doing it. I know now that I can gain confidence in other arenas besides sports. If I am focused and targeted, I will succeed.

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