Julia Hart

image of Sierra Nevada University student Julia Hart

Major: Fine Arts – Interdisciplinary Arts , MA in Teaching

Class of: 2021

I transferred to SNC because I wanted a smaller college experience. I was very unhappy at UNR, my old school. I wanted a school with professors that would take time to enrich my learning experience, and SNC gave me that. I have met some of the most talented artists and professors I think I’ll ever meet here. This school has changed my life, my attitude towards education, and my skills as an artist. Since I transferred here I moved to Tahoe and began working here as well, and I am the happiest I’ve ever been.

I think happiness plays a huge role in someone’s success; how could you not be happy going to school in Tahoe? :) Transferring to SNC was the best decision I’ve made for my educational career.

clay roses, artwork by Sierra Nevada College student Julia HartI love how flexible and genuine the art department is. I’ve made friendships that I know will last a lifetime, and I feel that I am truly learning from the best possible individuals for my art degree. I’ve met some amazing people, like Sheri Leigh O’Connor, Mary Kenny, and Rick Parsons. These professors are amazing, bright, hilarious, and helpful. I have learned so many new skills and new art forms that I’m excited to use in my BFA.

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Sheri Leigh O'Connor
Chair, Department of Fine Arts

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