Gabby Dodd

New Media Journalism student Gabby Dodd, headshot

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in New Media Journalism

Class of: 2020

Growing up in Durango, Colorado, I fell in love with everything living in the mountains has to offer – especially skiing. Throughout high school, skiing shaped the way I lived my life. When graduation came, I only thing I knew for certain was that my future would have to include skiing for me to be happy. It was difficult searching for colleges, because even in Colorado many good schools are a long drive away from resorts. That’s when I found SNC.

SNC created the opportunity for me to explore a new place, get a higher education, and continue doing all the things I love in the outdoors, but whenI first came I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was just trying to knock out as many required credits as I could. Then I found out about the New Media Journalism major in the Interdisciplinary Studies program.

I grew up in a family of writers. My great-grandpa wrote and published a history textbook. When I was as little as 3 years old, my Grandma would show me how to hold a pencil and make me practice letter tracing. My dad majored in journalism and communications in college, and worked for NBC for many years. Finding a babysitter was hard for my parents, so I sat in the newsroom a lot. I was even carried in a backpack while my dad was in the field reporting. As I progressed through school, my grades proved that English was the only subject that truly made sense to me.

New Media Journalism student Gabby Dodd hits the rails at Northstar Ski ResortNew Media Journalism brought my writing skills in and my passion for telling stories together in a unique way that integrates journalism, photography and other digital media, and business skills. I am always working on new stories and capturing photos for the student newspaper at SNC, the Eagle’s Eye. I’ve developed digital infographics for some of my stories. Currently I’m also the ad manager for the paper, so I’m pitching advertising to local businesses. Mostly, I love how New Media Journalism is teaching me how to be a “jack of all trades” instead of skilled in just one area. It’s a more modern journalism degree for all the different ways people consume information now.

“The most inspirational thing to me is seeing journalists who go out of their way to create stories so powerful that they enact change. Or photographers on a similar mission, pushing the boundaries to capture images others wouldn’t dare create.”

Some of my dreams include writing for a magazine like Freeskier or Powder, traveling the world developing stories, creating my own business, or even immersing myself into the world of marketing. If I can do at least one of these things while finding the time to ski and keep a genuine smile on my face, I’ll know that I made it.

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