Deidre Wolff

SNC biology major Deidre Wolff kayaking tropical waters

Major: Biology
Minor: Psychology

Class of: 2018

Lake Tahoe is what brought me to SNC, but I would say the people here are probably the most noteworthy experience. Everyone is so nice and willing to help you. The professors at SNC have really shown me how much I can accomplish. Through their support, I have become a better student than I ever thought I could be.

SNC biology major Deidre Wolff hiking in the Sierra NevadasI’ve always liked science. In high school I volunteered at a hospital and was placed in the pharmacy. The people I met there seemed to love what they were doing. They were very knowledgeable and they had a great relationship with the doctors. Seeing that relationship within their team, and the comradeship with the whole hospital, made me want to become a pharmacist. There is always something new to learn in a pharmacy, whether it’s new techniques or new drugs. I think my major in Biology and minor in Psychology will be good preparation.

I like the idea of working in a team, with a network of peers whose main goal is to help people. I want to help people and help bring a calm to their stressful day.

I am currently interning at the Village Pharmacy in Incline to gain experience. This summer I want to work in a hospital pharmacy. After I finish pharmacy school I want to have a job in a hospital, hopefully in the Bay Area or San Diego. Plus I want a couple of dogs to go exploring with, because dogs are amazing! I love exploring Tahoe because there’s always some new trail to be discovered.

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