Cara Close

SNU BFA in Fine Arts student Cara Close

Major: Fine Arts – Two-Dimensional Practices

Class of: 2018

I originally came to SNC after high school on a fine arts scholarship back in 2002. I concentrated on ceramics for three years. Then I moved to Southern California to study drawing and graphic design in Laguna Beach. I met my husband and had two beautiful girls. We lived in various states, while owning and operating a graphic design company. Recently we felt the draw to move back to beautiful Lake Tahoe and give the girls a mountain upbringing. I love my snugly girls, husband, dog, two cats, crisp Tahoe air and beautiful sunrises.

I’ve come back to SNC to set an example for my girls and finish my BFA degree in fine arts. While active parenting plays a major roll in creating wonderful humans, there is something quite profound that happens when we, as parents, lead by example.

I want my girls to follow their passions and find their own version of success that brings them happiness, just as I am doing.

I had always planned to come back to drawing and painting, but it was a matter of timing and circumstance. I found it difficult to create art while my kids were younger. There was never enough time to set up and clean up after. Graphic design was a creative way to make an income and be my own boss, but it was never a passion.

SNC fine arts student Cara Close presenting her work at MAPR, the Midway Art Portfolio ReviewComing back to SNC has been a wonderful experience. The art department is a small community, and it’s refreshing to be surrounded by young artists. The Holman Building studios and its proximity to the main campus are a great asset. I find that although I am more busy than ever with my husband, kids, and “adulting”, I am also more focused and getting the most from my classes. I spent many years out of school raising my girls and experiencing life. Now I have a deeper respect for time spent learning and furthering my art practice.

I love art and feel fulfilled when I can express my creativity. My understanding is, if you do what you love, then you will be happy. If you are happy, you have a light that you share with the rest of the world. What inspires me is people, myself, my interpretations of the world around me, and interconnected relationship.

I plan to get my masters in fine art, and continue working and improving my practice. I will be applying to shows and continuing my journey as a fine artist. I will continue to serve my design clients and enjoy using creativity to earn a living, but my goal is to eventually sell enough artwork to no longer need graphic design. My aim is to continue my passion for fine art and make a living doing what I love.

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