The Eagles ski and snowboard teams won five team and seven individual championships at the USCSA National Championships March 5-11 in Bend, Oregon.

SNC Eagle Championships at USCSA Nationals

Sierra Nevada College’s ski and snowboard teams made a strong showing at the 39th Annual USCSA National Championships, with five team and seven individual national championships. This year’s USCSA National Championships, March 5-11th in Bend, Ore., featured over 500 U.S. collegiate skiers and snowboarders who qualified in 6 Regional Championships.

SNC Tahoe Eagles Results:
Ladies’ Alpine Ski

Ladies’ Giant SlalomTeam National Champion
Saana Ahonen, 2nd; Henriette Haag, 4th; Ebba Grant, 5th; Mihaela Kosi, 6th; Caroline Sanden Gustafson, 21st

Ladies’ Slalom – Team 2nd place
Saana Ahonen, 2nd; Eva Jazbec, 8th; Ebba Grant, 10th

Men’s Alpine Ski

Men’s Giant Slalom – Team 2nd place
Finlay Neeson, National Champion; Ivo Ricou, 5th; Elias Stuerz, 8th

Men’s Slalom – Team 2nd place
Andri Arnason, 2nd; Finlay Neeson, 4th; Elias Stuerz, 11th; Anton Waller, 21st; Luka Gobec, 29th

Ladies’ Freeski

Ladies Freeski SlopestyleTeam National Champion

Ladies’ Skiercross – Team 4th place
Vilde Johansen, 9th; Emilie Amundsen, 15th; Sarah Lingg, 27th; Bridget O’Brien, 29th; Gabby Dodd, 31st

Ladies’ Freeski RailjamTeam National Champion
Vilde Johansen, National Champion; Emilie Amundsen, 3rd; Bridget O’Brien, 4th; Sarah Lingg, 5th; Gabby Dodd, 8th

Men’s Freeski

Men’s Freeski Slopestyle – Team 2nd place
Connor Clayton, 3rd; Ben Merrill, 7th; Rals White, 9th; Andrew Eells, 12th; Cole Lyon, 21st; Joris Grintalis, 23rd

Men’s Skiercross – Team 5th place

Men’s Freeski RailjamTeam National Champion
Rals White, National Champion; Cole Lyon, 3rd; Andrew Eells, 4th; Connor Clayton, 6th; Ben Merrill, 11th; Joris Grintalis, 12th

Ladies’ Snowboard

Ladies’ Snowboard GSTeam National Champion
Celine Holland, National Champion; Marissa Hushaw, 8th; Rachel Lightner, 9th; Carina Logan, 10th; Cathaline Deering, 11th; Breck Beishline, 30th

Ladies’ Boardercross – Team 2nd place
Celine Holland, 5th; Marissa Hushaw, 6th; Carina Logan, 9th; Rachel Lightner, 10th; Breck Beishline, 13th

Ladies’ Snowboard Railjam – Team 3rd place
Rachel Lightner, 4th; Carina Logan, 9th; Breck Beishline, 11th; Marissa Hushaw, 12th; Celine Holland, 13th; Cathaline Deering, 20th

Ladies’ Snowboard Slopestyle – Team 2nd place
Rachel Lightner, 3rd; Carina Logan, 4th; Cathaline Deering, 7th; Marissa Hushaw, 8th; Celine Holland, 10th; Breck Beishline, 13th

Men’s Snowboard

Men’s Snowboard GS – Team 2nd place
Frederick McCarthy, National Champion; Isaac Laredo, 8th; Hunter Lamoureux, 20th; Ty Casey, 28th; Nicholas Strother, 40th

Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle – Team 2nd place
Frederick McCarthy, 2nd; Hunter Lamoureux, 7th; Nicholas Strother, 8th; Isaac Laredo, 19th; Ty Casey, 22nd

Men’s Boardercross – Team 2nd place
Frederick McCarthy, National Champion; Hunter Lamoureux, 6th; Isaac Laredo, 10th; Ty Casey, 13th; Nicholas Strother, 20th

Men’s Snowboard Railjam – Team 2nd place
Frederick McCarthy, National Champion; Hunter Lamoureux, 8th; Nicholas strother, 16th; Isaac Laredo, 40th; Ty Casey, 51st

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The USCSA is the premier sports federation for collegiate team ski racing and snowboarding in America, with over 175 member colleges and universities. It holds competitions across 11 Conferences in the United States, culminating in 6 Regional Competitions and the USCSA National Championships in March of each year.