We do our best to help students understand their financial responsibilities and accommodate their unique financial needs.

Student Accounts and Billing

As part of our educational program, we are available to help students understand the financial responsibilities of their Student Account.

All charges, including tuition, housing, meals, bookstore and other charges placed by various departments on campus are placed on what we call your Student Account. The student account is simply our record of student’s charges and payment to the college.

Pay Your Bill

Payments can be made to your Student Account in a variety of ways:

  1. Make credit & debit payments, or set up a payment plan online through TouchNet at secure.touchnet.net:443/C20051_tsa/web. Use your SNCSIS login and PIN for access.
  2. Mail a check to; Sierra Nevada University, Attn: Student Accounts, 999 Tahoe Blvd, Incline Village, NV, 89451.
  3. Make cash and check payments in-person at the above address in David Hall Building.

Payment Plan Questions: call the Payment Plans Support Line at 1-833-269-3675.


SNCSIS stands for the Sierra Nevada University Student Information System. This is where you will find your class schedule, bill, financial aid information and more. Sierra Nevada Financial Aid and Student Accounts are paperless. Using SNCSIS provides you with real-time data at any time and helps keep us environmentally friendly.

Log on to SNCSIS

Your username is your student number and your password starts out as your six digit birth date.

Student Account FAQ’s

When do I have to pay tuition etc.?

  • Tuition is due August 1st for fall semester, January 1st for spring semester, and May 1st for summer semester, regardless of when your courses begin.

    It is also policy to charge interest on student account balances after the due date. As a courtesy, interest will not be assessed at the end of the first month but will be charged mid-month beginning the 2nd month of the term at a rate of 2% per month. When reviewing your student account, we take into consideration current pre-approved payment arrangements and financial aid.

How can I check my balance?

  • Your account is accessible 24/7 on SNCSIS. Your username is your student number and your password starts out as your six digit birth date. Please contact the registrar’s office if you need assistance logging into your SNCSIS.

How do I pay?

  • We accept cash, checks, ACH trabsfers, and major credit cards. Online payments are made through TouchNet at secure.touchnet.net:443/C20051_tsa/web using the same login ID and pin as your SNCSIS account. We also can provide you with the instructions on arranging wire transfers from your bank to ours.

What is TouchNet?

  • TouchNet is a new payment platform for students. Students login with the same ID and PIN as SNCSIS. You can view your account balance and statements, make payments, set up payment plans, and set up authorized users like parents, grandparents or any anyone else to make payments on your behalf.

Do you have a payment plan?

  • Yes, Sierra Nevada University offers payment plans with 3, 4 and 5 payments to help students and families who would like to spread out their semester charges. More information on payment plans is at TouchNet. For payment plan questions, call the Payment Plans Support Line at 1-833-269-3675.

I do not have my own medical insurance. Do you offer medical insurance plans?

  • All Sierra Nevada University undergraduate students must carry health insurance or public coverage that meets the minimum requirements of the Affordable Care Act. For information about coverage options, or help selecting the best plan for you, contact Terrie Mann at Clark & Associates of Nevada, Inc. today 775-828-7420. All students are required to complete the “Proof of Coverage” form on the Student Health Insurance page.

I do not own a car. Why am I being charged the “Parking Permit Fee”?

  • Every student is charged for a parking permit. If you do not own a car, just fill out a Parking Waiver to waive the fee.

Do you send Student Bills?

  • Electronic bills are made available on a monthly basis to view on SNCSIS.

How do I contact someone about my Student Account?

  • The best way is by email at studentacct@sierranevada.edu. Please leave the following information:
    • Student Account number
    • A brief description of the issue so we can do the research before we contact you
    • Both daytime and nighttime telephone numbers