Zoom Information

SNU now has a site license for Zoom, including webinar capability. All SNU employees and students will have an account through the university. With this new tier of Zoom, employees and students will have complete autonomy when scheduling and hosting video calls, including

  • No need for sharing accounts
  • Full integration with Canvas
  • No time limits

Scheduled Training

Faculty and Staff: as part of our upgrade, Zoom is hosting two training sessions for faculty and staff. The sessions are on 8/19/2020 and 8/26/2020, from 1:30pm-2:30pm. Invitations will be sent out to faculty and staff in early August.

Students will be able to join the regular Zoom hosted weekly sessions once they have returned from break.

The resources below are available online 24-7.


Q: How do I acquire a Zoom account with SNU?
A: You will be assigned a license upon hiring or enrollment with SNU.

Q: I have no idea what I’m doing. Where do I get started?
A: The links above can take you to tutorial resources on Zoom’s website, which should be able to answer any questions.

Q: I keep experiencing technical difficulties when joining video calls. Who do I contact for help?
A: Our IT department can assist! They can be reached via helpdesk@sierranevada.edu.

Q: Where do I find info about using Zoom in Canvas?
A: There are tutorial resources that can be accessed while inside Canvas, as well as a video link above. You can also contact our Instructional Designer, Lisa Davis, who can be reached via ldavis@sierranevada.edu.

Q: Can I add non-course meetings via the Canvas integration?
A: No, any meetings added from within Canvas are tied to the course they were created in. While you can VIEW meetings external to the course from Canvas, you cannot create meetings external to the course from within Canvas. Log on to zoom.us and make your external meetings there.

Q: There are some options that I can’t access on my SNU Zoom account. Why is that?
A: To mitigate security issues, certain features have been disabled and locked by the administrator. This applies to all SNU users.