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Campus Closure Policy

These are the procedures to be followed in determining the closure of SNU campuses or the delay of classes due to weather or other circumstances.

1. The decision to close the campus or have a delayed start is made by the Executive Vice-President/Provost.

2. The determination is made after consideration of all available information:

  • Weather reports and forecasts from the National Weather Service
  • Road conditions from both Nevada and California agencies
  • Current conditions on campus
  • Closure or non-closure of other schools in our vicinity
  • Municipal agency warnings

3.    Once the determination is made faculty, staff and students are notified as follows:

4. The information regarding closure or delay is normally made available by 6AM but may also be made during the day should conditions warrant a subsequent closure.

5. The notification will specify:

  • If the College is closed
  • If there is a 10AM delayed start and classes after 10AM will be held as scheduled

6. If it is necessary to close after normal operations have commenced the notification will specify:

  • The time of closure of SNU offices and classrooms
  • All classes that commenced prior to the specified closure time will continue until their normal end times

7. We recognize that employees may choose not to come to work during inclement weather, even though SNU remains open, due to their own personal safety concerns.  If this is the case please inform your supervisor of your decision.


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