Appeal for Release from Housing Lease / Dining Contract

The Sierra Nevada University Housing Lease and Dining Contract is a legally binding contract. It is in effect for the full period listed on your Lease and until you have completed 60 credits. However, Sierra Nevada University Residence Life recognizes that students may experience unforeseen or extenuating circumstances that are beyond their control, and that impinge on their ability to honor the full term of the contract.

Circumstances Which Entitle You to Automatic Release from your Contract:

You do not need to submit an appeal for any of these reasons. Your contract will be terminated without penalty.

  • Withdrawal from Sierra Nevada University
  • Approved leave of absence from the College
  • Study abroad or co-op
  • Graduation
  • Academic dismissal
Circumstances Which May  Entitle You to Release from your Contract:

Please submit your appeal below. Make sure to explain your circumstances in detail and upload all available documentation.

  • Extreme and unforeseen medical circumstance
  • Financial hardship (since moving into college owned housing)
  • Military deployment
Circumstances Which Will Not  Entitle You to Release from your Contract:

Do not submit an appeal for these reasons, it will not be approved or considered. Please work with Residence Life to find alternate solutions.

  • Roommate problems or concerns
  • You have signed a lease off-campus, or obtained alternate housing
  • Not occupying your assigned room
  • Dissatisfaction with your room assignment
  • Unable to make meal times due to improper scheduling
  • Eat off campus frequently
  • Non-use of meal plan
  • Dissatisfaction with menu options
  • Lack of knowledge about the Sierra Nevada University Student Handbook’s policies and procedures
  • Misinterpretation of Sierra Nevada University’s policies and procedures as published in the Student Handbook, and/or the terms and conditions of the Sierra Nevada University Housing Lease and Dining Contract
  • Misconduct resulting in housing suspension
Appeal Approval Process:

Deadlines to submit an appeal:

  • For Fall Term: previous April 1st
  • For Spring Term: previous November 1st

Appeals submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Submitting your appeal and documentation does not mean your release from the Housing Lease and Dining Contract is guaranteed. Your Appeal must be reviewed. You will receive a decision via email within 3 weeks of submitting a complete application.

Additional documentation will not be reviewed after an appeal is submitted unless there is a substantial change in your circumstances relevant to your appeal.

Submit Your Appeal