Advising and Registration

Incoming Student Core Class Pre-registration for Spring 2019

The first step in beginning the registration process is to select your topic for English 101 or 102.

English 101 & 102 offerings for Spring 2018 are described below. You will indicate on the form which English courses you have already completed successfully, so we can enroll you in the correct course. You can rank your preferences for these classes on the form. We will do our best to enroll you in your first choice, but depending on availability and scheduling conflicts, we may need to register you for a lower choice preference.

You will also select your major on the form, so we can make sure you are assigned an advisor in your field.

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ENGL 101: Freshman Composition is the Freshman English course. Students examine the themes and techniques in the assigned reading to develop evaluation, analysis, synthesis and critical thinking skills. Weekly written work, in–class discussions, essays, research writing, and a final portfolio documenting revisions are required.

All students at SNC are required to take two semesters of English coursework. Transfer students may be able to waive out of one or more English courses if they have taken a qualifying course at a previous institution. Transfer credit acceptance will be determined during your meeting with the faculty adviser.

English 101 Topic

Media Studies
This course explores coverage of current news and events in a variety of publications. We will read and analyze media stories as context for writing academic essays, and as models for your own writing. Through the process of drafting, revising, and editing, you will learn to write more clearly, objectively, and persuasively.

ENGL 102: Freshman Composition II builds on and further develops the writing skills introduced in ENGL 101. Students are required to conduct both primary and secondary research, synthesize and integrate their research into original work, write in a variety of modes, and present individual research in papers and projects.

Transfer students who do not have transferable credits for English 101 must take an English Placement Exam before enrolling in any English courses. Contact Henry Conover at immediately to schedule your exam. You will also indicate which English classes you have successfully completed on the Pre-registration Form.

English 102 Topics

America Divided: Poverty and Privilege
This course examines how poverty and privilege affect, represent, and shape society. Students read and write about both fictional and nonfictional situations and their outcomes.

Media Writing
This course focuses how media reflects, represents, and shapes society.

Writing and Literature
This course focuses on contemporary fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. Students examine and analyze creative writing paying careful attention to issues of theme and style.