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Incoming Student Core Class Pre-registration for Fall 2018

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ENGL 101: Freshman Composition is the Freshman English course. Students examine the themes and techniques in the assigned reading to develop evaluation, analysis, synthesis and critical thinking skills. Weekly written work, in–class discussions, essays, research writing, and a final portfolio documenting revisions are required.

All students at SNC are required to take two semesters of English coursework. Transfer students may be able to waive out of one or more English courses if they have taken a qualifying course at a previous institution. Transfer credit acceptance will be determined during your meeting with the faculty adviser.

ENGL 102: Freshman Composition II builds on and further develops the writing skills introduced in ENGL 101. Students are required to conduct both primary and secondary research, synthesize and integrate research material into original work, and present individual research in papers and projects.

Transfer students who do not have transferable credits for English 101 must take an English Placement Exam before enrolling in any English courses. Contact Henry Conover at immediately to schedule your exam. You will also indicate which English classes you have successfully completed on the Pre-registration Form.