Experienced snowboard videographer Danny Kern mastered new journalism skills making his successful "markumentary" introducing the ODAL program.

The ODAL 101 Experience

As an avid photographer, experienced snowboard videographer, Digital Arts and Journalism major, and all-round outdoor enthusiast, Danny Kern already had a substantial skill set to draw on when he set out to make a video about the Outdoor Adventure Leadership program at SNC for his Service Learning project. His goal was to introduce interested students to both sides of the program – the excitement of the outdoor experience, and the leadership education which is underpins success. Writing, shooting, and editing his “markumentary” (“marketing documentary”) on ODAL’s introductory course presented new – a sometimes unexpected – challenges which pushed his documentary skills to a new level.

With most of his background making snowboard films, he needed new interviewing skills and more preparation to capture video interviews that felt natural and comfortable. He learned better time management as he discovered how much time goes into producing a quality a video piece, particularly the editing process. Ultimately he produced two very successful films; a five minute video which showcases the class whitewater trip and the voices of students in the class, and a one minute trailer to catch the interest of students browsing the college website.

The Trailer: Starting with ODAL 101

The Video: ODAL 101 – The Experience