Melinda Morrison / Blackwell

Owner, Teacher, Facilitator at EQuus Insight in Washoe Valley, Nevada. Offering Equine/Animal/Nature assisted learning programs which nurture and enhance Social and Emotional Intelligence and build Leadership Skills. Most EQuus Insight programs are designed for youth in residential treatment centers, but I also offer workshops for corporate leadership and teambuilding; currently, I am designing continuing education classes/workshops (Experiential Learning) for teachers and therapists. My staff and partner teachers at EQuus Insight are – Gus the mini donkey, Rosa and Kachina the wild mustangs, Buttercup and Sweetpea Norwegian Fjord ponies, Chewy and Yoda the alpacas, Joey the llama, Heidi and Strider the big dogs, John the 58 year old parrot, chickens, ducks, and assorted cats. My husband, Laird Blackwell, and I are designing classes based upon Richard Louve’s book, Last Child in the Woods – Saving our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder.