Cahill and Jackson joined forces to write, produce, film and edit the promotional video “Changing Lives”, about the youth leadership and literacy organization Adventure Risk Challenge (ARC) and featuring ARC and SNC alumnus Yami Gutierrez.

“Changing Lives” – Nick Cahill And Trevor Jackson

In 2011, Nick Cahill and Trevor Jackson joined their video production and storytelling skills to develop “Changing Lives”, a promotional video supporting the youth leadership and literacy organization Adventure Risk Challenge (ARC). The two called on the skills gained in their Interdisciplinary Studies majors in Digital Arts with Entrepreneurship (Jackson) and Management (Cahill) to successfully write, produce, film and edit the video, featuring ARC and Sierra Nevada College alumnus Yami Gutierrez.

“When we build a story like this one, it feels like magic. It was amazing to work with such an impactful organization.”
Nick Cahill
“I am very excited about the finished video. It has been such an honor to be a part of a community organization like ARC, and it was great to be able to share my story. I couldn’t be more appreciative to be attending Sierra Nevada College with a full scholarship, and ARC was able to help me achieve this goal.”
Yami Gutierrez

The video is a great example of the dual purpose of service learning projects; empowering students to tap into their passions to expand their own capabilities, and to create something meaningful for their community in the process. ARC has shown the video to educators, administrators and potential donors, and the students developed their own business, Mhmmm Productions, during the project.