Sierra Nevada College

ODAL Students Lead Climbing Trip

The variety of outdoor opportunities close to campus makes Sierra Nevada College one of the best outdoor colleges in the country. On Sunday August 27th, the six students in the new Field Expedition: Rock Climbing ODAL class hosted an Outdoor Adventure activity open to all students. The ODAL class brought the Outdoor Activities group to Castle Peak, a popular climbing spot in South Lake Tahoe.

The Field Expedition students had already spent a week before classes began improving their climbing skills at Lover’s Leap. There they learned to teach climbing techniques to beginners, make sure that everyone understands – and practices – “safe climbing”, and help others overcome their nervousness about clinging to the side of a rock high above the ground.

College Outdoors at SNC Tahoe

Student Activities | Outdoor Adventure

SNC’s Outdoor Adventure Program hosts outdoor expeditions throughout the school year. Activities range from an afternoon of paddleboarding, mountain biking, or hiking, to whitewater rafting, backcountry skiing, and wilderness backpacking trips. Activities are FREE and open to all interested students, and needed equipment for most activities can be “rented” at no charge by students who don’t have their own.

Outdoor Adventure Leadership

SNC’s Outdoor Adventure Leadership major, offered through the college’s Interdisciplinary Studies Department, is the only 4-year program of its kind in the U.S. Students learn to safely navigate the natural world in one of the most spectacular places on the continent. They also integrate their field experience, academic studies, and leadership skills with a service learning project to make a concrete contribution to their community.