An SNU athlete training on the beach by Lake Tahoe
SNU will be the first small school enrolled in the Volt Athletics program, already widely used by top-tier NCAA teams.

New Sports Conditioning App for SNU Athletes

SNU Athletics Director Chris Deleon is rolling out a new online sports conditioning app for all SNU athletes this summer. SNU is lucky to be the first small school enrolled in the Volt Athletics program, which has been used by top-tier NCAA teams for several years! Volt’s sport-specific workouts are AI engineered to personalize workouts for each user in real time. Its science based training balances exertion with recovery, to help athletes get stronger and faster without injury. In addition, the app’s accessibility from anywhere keeps athletes connected with their teammates and coaches. They can do their workouts and check in with their team, wherever they are and whatever the circumstances.

SNU athletic trainer Jordawn Jones, working with the team coaches, will guide the program for all the athletes. Each team’s workouts will be designed specifically for that sport. Then, each individual athlete’s workouts are adjusted for their particular strengths and weaknesses. The app provides technique videos and step-by-step instructions for every set. The athletes enter feedback in the app as they go through the sequences. Jones can monitor every athlete’s workouts online, and modify them through the process . At the end of every workout, Volt generates a detailed report for the coach, trainer, and athlete.

Deleon is excited by the potential of the Volt program to enhance SNU athletes’ performance. Volt’s resources include cutting edge research and data sets for every sport.  The app personalizes each athlete’s conditioning to fit their physical needs. And, in this time of uncertainty and social distancing, it’s a way for teams to build a culture of conditioning and teamwork that isn’t dependent on being together in person. The 2020 fall soccer and cross-country seasons were canceled recently, but the team members remain committed. The 2021 spring seasons will, of course, depend on the pandemic. But this new conditioning program will help all the athletes be ready to return to competition, whenever that becomes feasible.