SNC's graduate program in Teacher Education has received new full-time Teach Nevada Scholarships for students beginning summer or fall 2017.

New Scholarships for Teachers

SNC’s graduate teacher education program has been allocated $312,000 for new Teach Nevada Scholarships. The funding will support approximately 13 full-time students who enroll this summer and fall at SNC’s Las Vegas campus. The Teach Nevada Scholarships (Senate Bill 511) program is a state effort to help alleviate the Nevada’s critical teacher shortage.

Students starting in SNC’s MA in Teaching program are eligible to apply for scholarship consideration. The teacher education programs offered at SNC’s Las Vegas campus offer flexible scheduling, enabling students to pursue their degree while they continue to work and transition into a classroom position.

Growth in the Silver State comes with a silver lining,” Said Katrina Midgley, SNC Tahoe’s Director of Graduate Admissions. “A robust economy continues to attract families to Nevada, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the demand for new teachers, and teachers to replace retiring educators. The state’s Teach Nevada Scholarship program continues to make a positive impact.

Similar funding last year for institutions throughout the state attracted dozens of new teacher prospects into the profession.

Questions: contact Katrina Midgley, director of graduate admission and recruiting, at or 775-881-7517