Dr. Wayne Prim and an anonymous local couple have each made generous $1.75M gifts to the college, in recognition of SNC Tahoe's 50 years in the Incline community.

Generous Gifts Recognize SNC Tahoe’s Community Value

“A graduate is a changed person, and they provide those changed values to the community on graduation.”

– Dr. Wayne Prim

This past May, Dr. Wayne Prim and an anonymous long-time Incline Village couple, in recognition of SNC Tahoe’s 50 years in the Incline community and its regional value as an institution, each made generous gifts to the college of $1.75 million for a total contribution of $3.5 million. These donations were used to retire, in full, a debt previously carried by the college.

“The value of SNC Tahoe to Incline Village and North Lake Tahoe is far-reaching. SNC Tahoe is a significant employer, helps create a thriving business community, and has other important impacts in the region.”

– Anonymous Donor

We are very thankful for the vision embodied by such philanthropy. Gifts of this magnitude are nothing short of transformational. This helps SNC Tahoe maintain an even more stable footing during a period of change in the educational landscape. It provides the College with new opportunities to showcase student and faculty work and embark on more ambitious educational endeavors. By making this stand for the College, these generous donors allow SNC Tahoe to continue to be an asset to the community in terms of employment, cultural engagement, and economic development on the shore of this beautiful lake.

“It is a lucky community that has a college…When a town attracts young people, it creates its future. Towns that lose young people struggle. Sometimes they even die off.”

– Todd Borg, Tahoe resident and author of the award-winning Tahoe Mystery series

We could not be more grateful as we embark on our next 50 years,

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