Points of Flux

Exploring ideas around notions of landscape, time, and states of flux, artists Rick Parsons and Katie Lewis collaborated to make a two-part installation with Lake Tahoe as the point of origin.

Parsons and Lewis visited seven different sites around the lake with the criteria that each site must have a creek or tributary that feeds into Lake Tahoe. Referring to the idea of mapping and data as a way to place themselves in the landscape, at each site they used GPS to plot out an area of land around the size of a football field. Within this area they collected natural materials in glass jars — such as plants, flowers, dirt, and burnt trees — and ground them into pigments. Each time a pigment was collected it was recorded with both a photograph and a marker on the GPS system to pinpoint exactly where within this football field it was located, again referring to the idea of data collection as a method of understanding and interacting with the landscape. The mapped area was then transferred to a grid on a sheet of paper and each pigment was plotted with a sponge according to its position on the GPS. Two drawings were made for each site.

Katie Lewis – http://katiehollandlewis.com/
Rick Parsons – http://www.rickparsons.net/