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MFA Residency Winter 2019

January 3 - January 12

All events listed are free and open to the public.

Creative Writing Faculty   Interdisciplinary Arts Faculty

Thursday, January 3rd

Iranian-American artist, rapper, and politician Amy Khoshbin

Visiting Faculty Amy Khoshbin
7 pm | Holman Arts & Media Center

Amy Khoshbin is an Iranian-American New York-based artist, rapper, and politician. Her practice advocates for changing commercial culture through co-opting and using popular media genres to create connections and catharsis. She is committed to creating a platform collectively that supports creative impulse and the needs of those who feel unrepresented by the current political system. She is currently running for City Council in District 39 of Brooklyn in 2021.

Friday, January 4th

Convergent media artist Aaron GachArtist Scott Oliver's landscape installation "Horizon"

Visiting Faculty Aaron Gach + Scott Oliver
7 pm | Holman Arts & Media Center

Aaron Gach is a convergent media artist whose work consistently addresses public concerns, social politics and power dynamics. He established the Center for Tactical Magic in 2000. The result is a wide array creative partnerships with hypnotists, biologists, engineers, activists, nurses, military intelligence officers, journalists, radical ecologists, former bank robbers, security experts, street vendors, community organizers, and others.

Scott Oliver’s diverse practice explores our entangled relationship with objects and materiality through what he calls “poetic repurposing.” He has made in-home sculptural interventions, a symbiotic restaurant, a collection of discarded LPs, an elaborate parlor game, and a public project with an audio walking tour, interpretive signs and souvenirs.

Saturday, January 5th

the cover of poet Lee Herrick's 2018 collection "Scar and Flower"

Book Launch – Lee Herrick’s Scar and Flower
7 – 8 pm | Prim Library

Lee Herrick’s new collection of poetry, Scar and Flower, was released in October 2018. He will be reading from his new collection and hosting a Q&A afterward.

The Whizs Queen Whiz, Furtips, and Ghost Whiz publish the collaborative zine "WHIZ WORLD"

Guest Artists Queen Whiz and Furtips
7 pm | Holman Arts & Media CenterEvent cancelled due to the flu

“While whizzes are supremely powerful beings they can succumb to the downfalls of a body built from flesh and bones. Its humbling to remember that sometimes a small nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat, can multiply and cause aches and pains and an uproar of congestion, bringing down a whiz! During these cold winter months, the whizzes are disappointed to report that such a molecule found a home in us. We love to play host when the relationship is symbiotic and unfortunately we most focus on kicking this guest out of our pesky bodies. We hope to see you soon in the village that inclines soon. Yours in Whiz forever, WHIZ”

WHIZ WORLD is a quarterly zine founded by Queen Whiz, Furtips, and Ghost Whiz to highlight the lived experiences of women artists. The whizzes write from a speculative magical feminist perspective, and invite others to adopt and write from a whiz persona that encapsulates their essential power. WHIZ WORLD battles pervasive sexist oppression through the powerful mystique of the Whiz persona.

Sunday, January 6th

Panel: A Conversation on Writing for Children & YA
4:15 – 5 pm | Prim Library

Multimedia artist Chris Lanier's comic "Don't mess with my creative expression"A digital work by artist Dan Paz

Visiting Faculty Chris Lanier + Guest Artist Dan Paz
7 pm | Holman Arts & Media Center

Chris Lanier has a background in both traditional and digital media, and a particular interest in hybrid forms including multimedia performance, digital animation, web production, and comics. He has a fascination with visual communication – the way visual information constitutes a language of its own, one that can both clarify and distort reality.

Dan Paz is an artist and educator who explores the labor of digital imaging production as a collaboration where the intersections of the image-idea and lived experience are produced and contested. Her projects query the ability of documentary processes to be manipulated — multiplied and replicated, stopped and started, rewound and advanced. The impossibility of absolute replication questions the very ability of the image to truly represent.

Monday, January 7th

Thesis opening reception + Graduation Ceremony
7 – 9 pm | Tahoe Gallery, Prim Library 3rd floor

screenshot from performance artist Jean Brennan's film "Mother Nature Calls"

“Mother Nature Calls” Opening Reception
6 – 7 pm | Tahoe Gallery, Prim Library 3rd floor

Jean Brennan is an interdisciplinary artist making installation and performance in a response to place — what we know about it, what lives there, and the built or natural features of site. She considers how the poetics of visual form destabilize an anthropocentric view of the natural world. This work includes video, textile installations, shibori flags, and flamework glass vessels filled with lichen dye to reflect the radical possibility of sentient conversation with the non-human, if only to connect us to our own visceral wilderness.

Tuesday, January 8th

Journalist and science writer Kathryn Miles, author of "Quakeland: On the Road To America's Next Big Earthquake" and "Superstorm: Nine Days Inside Hurricane Sandy"Krystal Sital, author of "Secrets We Kept: Three Women of Trinidad"Experimental poet and new media artist Margaret Rhee, author of "Love, Robot."

Reading: Kathryn Miles, Krystal Sital, Margaret Rhee
7 pm | Prim Library

Visiting writer Kathryn Miles is a journalist and science writer whose most recent book is Quakeland: On the Road to America’s Next Devastating Earthquake. She was a recent guest on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

MFA-CW faculty Krystal Sital is an eloquent new Caribbean literary voice. Her new memoir Secrets We Kept: Three Women of Trinidad reveals the hidden trauma and fierce resilience of one Trinidadian family.

Margaret Rhee is the 2019 Kundiman Writer in Residence. She is a feminist experimental poet, new media artist, and scholar. Her recent collection of love poetry, Love, Robot, imagines human-robot love — no less tender, frightening, or ecstatic than love between humans — as startling and necessary.

Contemporary art and new media curator Amanda McDonald CrowleyArtist and curator Matt Wardell works on an installation with a young girl

Visiting Faculty Amanda McDonald Crowley + Guest Artist Matt Wardell
7 pm | Holman Arts & Media Center

Amanda McDonald Crowley is a curator who creates new media and contemporary art exhibitions and events. Her work, which has spanned the U.S., Europe, and Australia, focuses on the intersection of art + technology. It often revolves around artists and groups who have a research-based practice. She is interested in developing platforms to generate dialogue, bring together professionals and amateurs from varied disciplines, and create space for social change and audience engagement.

Matt Wardell is an artist, curator, collaborator, and founding member of the artist collective 10lb Ape. He is interested in work that interrogates how we choose to live. Wardell enjoys walking on fences, answering wrong numbers, and giving directions to places he does not know. Uncomfortable laughter, confusion, and irritation tend to be byproducts of his work.

Wednesday, January 9th

MFA Faculty Reading
6 – 8 pm | Prim Library

Thursday, January 10th

Artist Kristi Lippire creates sculptures and works on paper.

Guest Artist, Kristi Lippire
7 pm | Holman Arts & Media Center

Richly infused with humor as well as mystery, Los Angeles-based artist Kristi Lippire creates a wondrous environment with sculpture and work on paper, in which the work straddles the line between the imagined and the familiar.

Friday, January 11th

Logo for SNC Tahoe's Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Graduation Ceremony
5 – 6 pm | Prim Library
Two Pines Reading
7 – 8:30 | Prim Library

The graduating MFA in Creative Writing students read highlights from their work.


January 3
January 12
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