Parent FAQ

Your student’s hub for information about coming to college is the ADMITTED UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT > page. It includes a list of forms which need to be completed before they start college, and resources to get ready for the upcoming semester.

What does my student need to complete prior to Orientation?

All students are encouraged to check their new SNC email regularly. This is how the college communicates with our students, and it’s a good habit to get into. All students must complete the Admitted Student Checklist. If your student completes this list prior to the first day of Orientation, check-in will go really smoothly that day. Please note there are two forms that are similar and ask for health insurance and medical information – the college does need both of these forms completed.

Where do we check in for Orientation?

Orientation will be held in Patterson Hall. This is the building in the center of campus with the clock tower, please refer to the campus map. The Admissions team will help to check your student in. Once all outstanding paperwork and any required testing is completed, students may check into housing.

Where can I find out about Orientation?

Our orientation schedule is on the New Student Orientation page. We highly encourage all our students to participate in Orientation week, including registering for either Wilderness Orientation or Tahoe Orientation. This is a great way for new students to get involved in the next chapter of their lives and meet their peers.

When do parents leave Orientation?

Traditionally we have events for parents on the first day of Orientation. The rest of the week doesn’t require parents to be present. Parents are always welcome during Orientation week, but be prepared that your student will be busy! If you are planning to stay in the Tahoe area that week, you might want to schedule your own fun activities starting on Tuesday.

Why does my student need to move out over winter break?

During the winter break, which runs for over a month between the start of the holidays and the start of spring semester, the students are required to vacate their dorm room. The majority of students go home at this time, and the college is closed for two weeks for the holidays. In years past, we could allow students to keep their items in their room during the break. However, as our low residency graduate programs during early January have grown, we had to change our housing options. During winter break we house two MFA programs, winter athletes in training, and students taking winter courses. With these three categories of students, it is a tight squeeze.

The Housing Department emails students with all the information they need to prepare for housing options over the break. Most of our student utilize the storage lockers the college provides over break. In the rare event that a student needs more storage space, we have been able to accommodate them. The nice part about this change for students is that they can choose a different roommate for the second semester. It also gives our facilities crew a chance to get into the rooms and repair any broken items.

Due to the tight turn-over that housing does in preparation for the MFA programs, we do offer jobs to students who are looking to stay on campus over winter break. These are usually older students, or students that have no home to go to over break. Winter conference workers work approximately five days in exchange for free housing over the break. Applicants must complete the SNC winter conference application, and be holding a job outside of school working at least 30 hours a week.

Why did my student get a housing fine?

A housing fine on your student’s bill can mean a number of different things. At the end of each semester, all community damage to the common areas becomes a community charge that is divided between all students. We also have a dish charge for lost and stolen dishes that operates in the same way. Other common charges include lost keys and cleaning fees. The biggest charge we have is an improper check out fee. This is charged when a student chooses to not follow instructions and does not sign out of the dorms properly.

When does my student need to check out of the dorms?

All students must check out of the dorms no more than 24 hours after their last final. Housing starts emailing students over two months before the end of each semester to help them make a plan. We encourage students not to procrastinate, and to be organized with packing and utilizing their storage space. In the spring semester we follow the 24-hour rule, but we also have a hard deadline of 11 am on the Thursday before graduation.

What should my student bring to college?

We encourage students to bring the basics, which is not necessarily everything in their room from home! We see many new students taking a number of items home at winter break.

When will my student get their housing assignment?

All students will receive an email to their SNC email introducing their new roommate(s) toward the end of July for the fall term and early January for the spring term. No changes are considered based on social media, and we ask all students to have an open mind coming to college.

How do I send my student mail to their on-campus address?

All students living on campus are assigned a mailbox number upon arrival during orientation. The basic mailing address is:
Student Name
Sierra Nevada College
999 Tahoe Blvd Box #
Incline Village, NV 89451

If students receive a package, the mailroom will email the student at their SNC email. If you are sending a package before you arrive for orientation, please notify both the mailroom and Student Affairs via email at: and