Reasons to Give

A world-class liberal arts education at Sierra Nevada College is made possible through the generous financial support of alumni, parents, and friends.

Support the Mission and Vision of Sierra Nevada College

(Mission and vision created and unanimously accepted by the faculty and board of trustees)

Our graduates will be scholars of and contributors to a sustainable world. SNC combines the liberal arts and professional preparedness through an interdisciplinary curriculum which emphasizes entrepreneurial thinking and environmental, social, economic, and educational responsibility.

Sierra Nevada College will create a distinctive educational experience based on its mission. The faculty, staff, partners, and board of trustees will cooperate as integrated providers of student-focused learning experiences that take advantage of innovative delivery methods. Sierra Nevada College prepares students for life in an increasingly challenging and interdependent world – a world that values intellectual agility, critical thinking, collaborative problem-solving, and clear and effective communication.

Support Student Scholarships and Financial Aid

Sierra Nevada College has three priorities: students, students, and students; with a commitment to inspire students to apply their exceptional education and make a difference in the world

  • Attract the best and brightest students to Sierra Nevada College
  • Support the President’s Scholars Program which offers scholarships to seniors who are valedictorians from accredited high schools in Nevada
  • Provide scholarship opportunities for international students, increasing  global perspectives in our classrooms and dorms
  • Provide academic support and enrichment to ensure the success of an increasingly diverse student body
  • Increase enrollment and broaden opportunities for students of all backgrounds

Strengthen Teaching and Learning

Sierra Nevada College is emerging as a leader in liberal arts education by continuing to seek more effective ways of teaching and learning

  • Increase the faculty and enhance interdisciplinary programs, global studies, environmental sciences, entrepreneurial spirit, and the arts.
  • Support faculty development to expand knowledge, research, and curricular innovation
  • Provide endowed faculty chairs, visiting professorships, and innovative programs that strengthen our legacy of academic excellence
  • Promote collaborative partnerships for student-faculty-community research through fellowships and academic internships
  • Increase resources in Prim Library to make it a regional center for research and study
  • Grow alumni relationships and create additional opportunities for student research, internships, and career development.

Improve Our Campus and Facilities

Sierra Nevada College at Lake Tahoe is committed to “green” building and the sustainability of our extraordinary environment

  • Upgrade existing facilities for sustainability and year-round usage
  • Build new facilities to be used by students, graduates, and the community to support our mission and vision
  • Update classrooms and labs to reflect current and future technology
    • Center for Digital Art
    • Croom Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
    • Center for International Studies
    • Center for Ski Business and Resort Management
    • Center for Environmental Policy
    • Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
    • Center for Outdoor Adventure Leadership
    • Center for Teacher Education
  • Enhance our academic centers of excellence:
  • Provide space for community-based learning collaborations and experiential learning courses both in classrooms and outdoors