Beautiful minds inspire others.

Honor the Power of Inspiration

Tell us your story.

It’s spring!
The birds are chirping, flowers are beginning to stretch out of the soil, and the last hints of winter cold are fading.

The season of celebrating achievements, milestones and successes. The season to honor the people who have set you on the road to self-discovery and exploration.

We invite you to celebrate and thank the people who have inspired you, people who recognized something very special in you and empowered you to reach further.

Devin De Long ‘18 is inspired by …

“My best friend and partner Duke. I have a hard time staying true to my values and goals, but he is always there to remind me that I have come a long way and I am doing great big things in my life.”

Honor the power of inspiration with your tribute gift to Sierra Nevada College and tell us about someone who changed your life.

Rachel Lightner ’18 is inspired by . . .

“My mother. She has allowed me to be whatever I want to, and to be wild, free, and open minded. She is my idol, and I will always look to her for direction and guidance.”

Ben Solomon
SNC Board of Trustees

“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. SNC was a perfect match because it brought together my two passions for teaching and living in harmony with the environment. It inspired me to work tirelessly over decades to help keep the college thriving and growing. SNC and our students will always hold a special place in my heart!”

Chuck Levitan
SNC Professor of Natural Sciences

“As a young man my scoutmasters influenced my love for the outdoors. My professors showed me the beauty of teaching but it is my students who inspire me every day. They amaze me with their innovative research projects and creative ideas. I love their dedication to learning, discovery and drive for stewardship of our beautiful ecosystem.”

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