Welcome to the Grants and Sponsored Programs department, Office of Development and Alumni Relations. Grants and Sponsored Programs serves as the central point through which all proposals for sponsored funding from federal, state, and local government, and foundation and corporate sources for research, teaching, training, and community service projects are coordinated and administered.

The Grants and Sponsored Programs department will provide the support and direction to search for external funds, funds that may be used to support academic programs, student services, administrative operations, and special projects. We work for and with faculty, through the Provost’s Office, and with staff to secure funding from both public and private sector foundations.  We offer the technical skills to research, develop, and submit a grant proposal if you are interested in partnering with our office by providing the specific content expertise needed to secure a grant. Some examples of what we can help with:

  • Provide current information about sources of grant funding (federal, state, local private);
  • Obtain current guidelines (RFP’s) for the application process;
  • Act as liaison with funding agency personnel;
  • Collaborate on ideas for projects and prepare the budget to meet all policy requirements;
  • Compile the final proposal for submission, ensuring it meets all RFP guidelines;
  • Obtain the signature(s) of the certifying official(s) of the College;
  • Mail or submit electronically all proposals in order to meet application deadline dates;
  • Maintain file copies of all pending, funded, and unfunded proposals submitted by SNC;
  • Negotiate awards and set up award reviews when a grant is funded; and
  • Provide on-going grant management, filing of reports, and closeout reporting support.

Thank you for your partnership,

Dianne Severance
Interim Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Relations