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We cherish the opportunity to prepare our students for living, learning and leadership in the 21st century.

In small classes and through individualized instruction, our students are exposed to the best of human thought and ideas, and equipped with the skills that will enable them to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing environment.

Sierra Nevada College has produced scholars in disciplines ranging from artists to attorneys, teachers to entrepreneurs, scientists to community leaders. To achieve this vision requires an understanding of the possibilities of a liberal arts education in an evolving world, and an investment in people, programs, and learning spaces.

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Our Students Speak . . .

Entrepreneurship student Joseph Schembri cooks with his best friend, his dog

Joseph Schembri

Major: Entrepreneurship

Class of 2018

One of the biggest projects I am working on is myself. I take a lot of time to analyze my attitude and figure out the gaps between where I am vs. where I want to be. Personal development is a major challenge. Talking with my professors about their success stories paves the way for me to get there myself. . . . Read More

Zachary Birdsell, Psychology major, enters the professional world prepared

Zachary Birdsell

Major: Psychology

Class of 2016

I have been working with clients who have mental disabilities since I graduated from SNC. As a case manager, my responsibilities range from one-on-one counseling with clients to supervising group homes. . . . Read More

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