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We cherish the opportunity to prepare our students for living, learning and leadership in the 21st century.

In small classes and through individualized instruction, our students are exposed to the best of human thought and ideas, and equipped with the skills that will enable them to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing environment.

Sierra Nevada College has produced scholars in disciplines ranging from artists to attorneys, teachers to entrepreneurs, scientists to community leaders. To achieve this vision requires an understanding of the possibilities of a liberal arts education in an evolving world, and an investment in people, programs, and learning spaces.

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Our Students Speak . . .

Interdisciplinary Arts student Rhett Gauss makes art with his camera

Rhett Gause

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Digital Arts and Marketing

Class of 2019

Being outside is where I draw all of my emotions and experiences that go into my work. I'm super passionate about creating stories because I can share those experiences and inspire others to get outside. I use photography, writing, music, video, painting. Each of these mediums has a different approach to saying what is important. . . . Read More

Gus Tjenagel, Science major, holding tank with non-native fish to put in Truckee River

Gus Tjernagel

Major: Environmental Science, Ecology

Class of 2017

My passion for the environment sparked my interest in conservation and ecology. My favorite experiences here at SNC have been field classes that involve camping out for days in the wilderness with like-minded people. . . . Read More

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