Virtual Commencement FAQ

When is Virtual Commencement and where is it held?

  • Virtual Commencement is Saturday, May 16, 2020 at 10 am. The commencement event will be live-streamed across our social media channels, so students and families will be able to interact with each other across multiple platforms in real time. Access details will be posted on the Commencement Hub at least 24 hours in advance.

Will the Virtual Commencement also be available to watch after the ceremony?

  • Yes, a link to the video will be provided on the Commencement Hub and the Alumni page at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Do students have to anything different to “participate” in the Virtual Commencement?

  • Yes. Each student will have a personal slide in the video, so we will need a few extra items from each graduate for their slide. Graduates, please fill out the short Graduate Info form and upload the picture you would like to represent you in the video. That way we can complete your video slide and make absolutely sure we pronounce your full name correctly.

I really want to graduate on campus. What can I do?

  • All 2020 graduates will be welcome to walk in the May 2021 ceremony if they choose to.

Who is eligible to participate in Commencement?

  • Undergraduate students:

    In order to participate in graduation ceremonies, a student must have submitted a valid graduation petition. Students who graduate any time within an academic year (Fall/December 2019, Spring/May 2020 or Summer/August 2020) are eligible to participate in the May 2020 ceremony.

    Since summer (August) graduates are allowed to participate in the preceding spring (May) ceremony, students with nine or fewer units to complete will be allowed to participate in commencement. Under this “Within-Nine” policy, students must provide proof of enrollment in the final required units to the Office of the Registrar in order to participate and have their names printed in the commencement program. Senior Projects, Capstone Courses and BFA Gallery Exhibitions for BFA students do not fall under this “Within-Nine” policy and must be completed in the spring term.

    All in-progress summer courses must be completed before the start of the fall term to qualify for the “Within-Nine” exception. Students who drop or withdraw from a required class, or who are not able to complete their requirements by the end of the summer semester but who still walk in the commencement ceremony, will be listed in the graduation program only one time and will not be allowed to walk in an additional ceremony.

  • Graduate students:

    In order to participate (walk) in graduation ceremonies, a graduate student must have submitted a graduation petition by the deadline published in the Academic Calendar and complete all requirements.

    Department of Teacher Education Requirements: Students who complete all requirements, including MAT Thesis, MAT Professional Project or M.Ed. Action Plan in Summer/August 2019, Fall/December 2019 or Spring/May 2020 are invited to participate in the May 2020 ceremony.

    Master of Fine Arts Requirements: Students must be on track to complete all course requirements by the end of the Summer 2020 Residency to walk in the May 2020 ceremony. Consult with your advisor before submitting your graduation petition.

Graduation Regalia & Accessories

How do I obtain graduation announcements & accessories?
  • Personalized announcements are available online through Various packages are offered and priced accordingly. The personalized announcements, with the graduate’s name, degree, and date, time and place of the ceremony, usually ship within 14 days. Generic or non-personalized announcements are also available. These come with cards printed with the date, time and place of the ceremony, and a blank card for the graduate’s name and degree that can be inserted into the announcement.
How do I get my academic regalia?
  • Graduates don’t need regalia for the ceremony.
How do I get my “Honors” stole?
  • Students who qualify will receive the appropriate honor stole prior to Commencement. Make delivery arrangements when you fill out the Graduate Info form.
How can I order a class ring?
  • Class rings can also be ordered through Jostens. Please visit and click on “Student”, then “College”, and follow the instructions to find SNU.