Student Kyly Clark practicing yoga on a paddleboard on Lake Tahoe

Health and Wellness

Attending college can be a stressful time in people’s lives. From living away from home for the first time, to the constant demands of classes, maybe working a job (or two!), and temptations from social life, finding balance can be difficult.

This page provides health and wellness tips, along with local resources, so students can better manage these demands and set themselves up to succeed in college with the least amount of stress.


Set Goals

Keep a planner to organize all your to-do’s, and don’t forget to schedule time for yourself.


Make it a point to get at least 7 hours of sleep, and vow to never pull an all-nighter. It never does you any good!

Reward Yourself

Don’t let the hard times get you down. Remember to have fun and spend meaningful time with your friends and family.


Stay Hydrated:

It is important to drink at least 64 ounces of water per day to function at your best (caffeine and sodas do not count and do more damage than good!)

Eat Fresh Foods:

Cut down on the processed foods. Make an effort to fill your plate with colorful fruits and veggies.


Remember to move your body for at least 30 minutes a day, go outside and play, and stretch throughout the day.

Medical Resources:
  • Tahoe Wellness: Health & wellness resource page for North Lake Tahoe, from the Tahoe Forest Health System.
  • Blue Life: Blue Life is the umbrella program to manage your health throughout the local Tahoe Forest Health System. You can set wellness goals, make appointments and connect to your medical records, connect to your wearable health device, and track your sleeping, eating, and exercise.


Find a Sacred Place

This can be inside, outside, or anywhere that relaxes you and make you happy!

Find a Creative Release

Draw, journal, or play music. Do what inspires you and build your education around that.

Most Importantly, Breathe

Whenever you feel anxious or stressed take 3 deep breaths and give thanks for being alive!

Personal Wellness

Well Being: Yoga, massage, skin care, energy healing, conscious living gift shop.

Tips based on American College Health Association’s Standards of Practice for Health Promotion in Higher Education