Sierra Nevada College is now Sierra Nevada University!

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When I write a check or make a payment, do I make it to Sierra Nevada College or Sierra Nevada University?

  • Until the name has been legally changed with the state, we cannot change our banking information. Therefore, until further notice checks should be addressed to Sierra Nevada College. Online payments also remain unchanged.

I am a vendor and have a contract with Sierra Nevada College. Do I need to alter my business documents or payment systems?

  • At this time, the only change required for our vendors will be an updated W-9 that reflects Sierra Nevada University instead of Sierra Nevada College.

Will Google know that anything that says Sierra Nevada College now means Sierra Nevada University and the other way around?

  • Absolutely. We have done our very best, in cooperation with our digital content agency, to preserve our search presence. Luckily, we already ranked for Sierra Nevada University. If anything, it will be easier to find us now. If people google Sierra Nevada College they will find Sierra Nevada University. Try it out: Sierra Nevada University or Sierra Nevada College.

Which name should I put into google maps to find the correct campus location?

Are we Sierra Nevada University or Sierra Nevada College on college listing and ranking sites?

  • College listing and ranking sites will change slowly as they research or receive our public reporting. However, by the end of this year most will reflect our new name.

Will tuition or other costs go up because of our new status?

  • No! For the 20 – 21 school year the cost of attendance at the University will be the same as it was for the College.

Will this affect my financial aid?

  • No, this won’t affect your financial aid eligibility or amount in any way.

How do I fill out the FAFSA so the school is correct?

  • Each school in the FAFSA application is identified with a required number code. SNU’s code is 009192. That code is all you need to associate your application with the correct school.

Will programs or majors change because of this?

  • Not at all.

Is my education in jeopardy? Is there a chance this school will not be around by the time I’m ready to graduate?

  • No chance whatsoever. The change to SNU is a refinement of our identity as a graduate-level institution. The change also reflects the commitment of our Board of Trustees, faculty, and administration to a bright future for both our students and the Basin and Range community we serve as an educational institution, community institution, and employer.

What will my diploma say?

  • Students graduating in May 2020 will be able to choose either Sierra Nevada University or Sierra Nevada College on their diploma.

Where do I say graduated from – SNU or SNC?

  • As a graduate of the Incline Village undergraduate programs, you may say that you graduated from the College of Entrepreneurial Leadership at Sierra Nevada University. As an alumnus of one of our graduate programs, you may say you graduated from Sierra Nevada University. In fact, we would appreciate you saying it as much as you can.

What name should I put on my resume?

  • You should use Sierra Nevada University on your resume since that is how we will be commonly known in the years ahead. This is just like graduates of UNR, who are all graduates of the University of Nevada, Reno, even though they may have been enrolled and studied in a college there like the College of Engineering.

How do I explain this in job interviews?

  • The Trustees approved the name change to reflect the fact that we offer extensive and distinguished graduate degree programs in addition to our distinctive four-year undergraduate degrees.

Will prospective employers take me seriously, graduating from a college that changed its name?

  • Prospective employers will be impressed that you have graduated from a university that offers graduate degrees, and will never think you have a two-year degree. Given our unique educational offerings, super-star graduate and undergraduate faculty, and intensive internship offerings, a degree from Sierra Nevada University has the track record to back up your application.

What will happen to all of the prospective students who wanted to attend Sierra Nevada College, not a university?

  • They will be thrilled to learn that they will be attending Sierra Nevada University in its outstanding College of Entrepreneurial Leadership. Our Office of Admissions has emphasized how important becoming Sierra Nevada University is to attracting new students, because it makes clear that we offer 4-year degrees and beyond. In fact, this name change will end the confusion created by our close neighbor, Sierra College, which is an excellent California two-year institution offering technical and associate’s degree programs.

Why did we change our name?

  • Traditionally, “college” refers to an institution that offers only undergraduate degrees. Over the years, Sierra Nevada University has grown to also offer several highly-regarded masters degrees. The name change conveys that important fact.