Sierra Nevada University Focuses on Entrepreneurship

The Sierra Nevada College of Entrepreneurial Leadership is proud to take the mantle as a top college for entrepreneurs. Its name changed in July 2019 to better reflect the values the college has always practiced. The new name also emphasizes the entrepreneurial opportunities out there in an internet-connected, global world. Entrepreneurship is about more than starting a business. It is an interdisciplinary approach to life, one that is valuable in the workplace, the artist studio, the rugged backcountry, at the writing desk and on the startup team.

SNU offers a unique learn-by-doing environment in the Tahoe Basin. The curriculum helps students transcend problem identification and learn to suggest solutions. Students will have exciting mentorship opportunities with professors and leaders in their field, many of them local. The enhanced focus means that students get to devote a full semester in their junior year working for an organization in their field of interest.

SNU prepares students for the future. They will be ready for employment, and the college guarantees it.

SNU to Guarantee Student Employment

The Sierra Nevada College of Entrepreneurial Leadership is confident that students who complete their education at the school will find suitable employment related to their degree. In the unlikely event they are not able to find immediate employment, SNU will welcome them back for a full semester free of charge. During that semester, students preparation to land that first position in their chosen field through additional mentorship and courses.

SNU Entrepreneurial Leadership Majors and Programs

SNU is focusing on impact entrepreneurship in particular. Impact entrepreneurs direct their energy and their actions to make a positive difference. They want to disrupt the status quo and to practice altruistic capitalism. SNU’s interdisciplinary education develops entrepreneurial thinkers and innovative leaders. This happens even in fields such as creative writing and studio art.


Studio Art, Creative Writing and Communications

Creative professionals work in an ever-changing, challenging field, and often wear many hats to flourish. The field is tailor-made for entrepreneurial thinking. SNU students publish, create, innovate and exhibit in various materials and across multiple platforms. They go from ink to internet and from metal to clay with a focus on building a sustainable, entrepreneurial career. The faculty members in these programs, are award-winning authors, journalists and exhibiting artists as well as professors. They mentor students closely, helping them build professional portfolios of their work.


Enterprise Creation and Management

SNU’s enterprise creation programs develop forward-thinking, innovative and confident graduates who get real-world experience in school. Many successful entrepreneurs gravitate to the Tahoe Basin, where the college is located, and they mentor students through SNU’s Center for Leadership Mentors. Students also get to hone their entrepreneurial skills in competitions. SNU graduates are poised to change the world with their enterprises, whether they be big or small, local, national, or international.


Environmental, Social, & Life Sciences

The ecosystem of the Tahoe Basin gives students the unique opportunity to conduct extensive research and stewardship. In this one-of-a-kind laboratory, they learn by doing toward careers in environmental research, sustainable practice or medicine. The reality is that education at SNU takes place in one of the most beautiful and challenging environments in the world. It’s an environment that requires real innovation across every discipline. Students and faculty publish their work in scientific journals, continue their research in the field, and land spots in top internship positions and graduate schools.

A World of Entrepreneurs

Society, both in Nevada and worldwide, depends on entrepreneurs. The internet has made it easier than ever for anyone to apply innovative and far-reaching business skills. SNU empowers their students to seize their career by the horns. For example, authors do not need to limit themselves to writing and reporting. Aspiring writers learn about the many ways they can monetize their skills and make even more of a difference in people’s lives. SNU students create. They jump in. They do not stand passively by and hope that ideas take root.

Degree in Entrepreneurship

SNU, as an entrepreneurial college, naturally offers bachelor’s degrees in entrepreneurship. Getting an entrepreneurship degree here means hands-on experience in programs such as ski area management, marketing or global business management. Our business plan competitions, open to all students, allow them to develop, refine and present business plans reviewed by real-world leaders. Students must think on their feet in real time. SNU students often do better than students at bigger schools in regional competitions. One competition idea for keeping beer cold at the beach led to the creation of a product that regulates vaccine temperatures in developing countries.

Entrepreneurship students learn to assess ideas, to pinpoint opportunities and risks, to maximize their creativity, and to make the most of a sense of urgency. Internships at local businesses give students even more of a real-world understanding. These internships also facilitate valuable network connections.

The best college courses for entrepreneurs are hands-on, allowing them to think critically, explore, make mistakes and learn from their mistakes. Interested SNU students should explore the program further and contact the college with any questions.

About SNU

Sierra Nevada University opened in 1969 with only 23 students. Its core curriculum has always emphasized environmental, social, economic, and educational sustainability. More than 500 undergraduate students and nearly as many graduate students currently attend the college. They hail from more than 30 countries.