Creativity @ SNU

Bachelor of Fine Arts alumna Miranda McFarland draws on Juanita's Gallery at her exhibition In Sight

Studio Art, Creative Writing, & Communications

Our faculty are exhibiting artists, working journalists, and award-winning authors. You will build a portfolio of your work with their close mentorship, and gain the skills to survive in the challenging field that is creative work. Entrepreneurial thinking is nothing new in the creative and communication arts. Learn to make a living as a creative while you work in an environment that has inspired generations. Our galleries host internationally known artists, and our own BFA students' shows, side by side. Our Fine Arts, Journalism, and Creative Writing students and faculty win awards and top graduate school spots across the country.

Join us. Exhibit, publish, create and innovate in materials from metal to clay, ink to the internet, and on screens big and small.

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Meet Your Mentors

Photo of Christopher Anderson
Christopher Anderson International Programs and ELL Coordinator; Associate ProfessorHumanities


Work Phone: 775-831-1314 x7555

Photo of Donna Axton
Donna Axton Music Program Chair; ProfessorHumanities; Fine Arts

Music, Clinical Psychology

Work Phone: 775-831-1314 x7586

Photo of Shannon Beets
Shannon Beets Executive Vice President and ProvostHumanities

Work Phone: 775-831-1314 x 7405

Photo of Russell Dudley
Russell Dudley Professor, Gallery DirectorFine Arts

Photography, New Genres

Work Phone: 775-831-1314 x7525Website:

Photo of Suzanne Watts Gollery
Suzanne Watts Gollery Chair, Department of Science and Technology; ProfessorScience & Technology


Work Phone: 775-831-1314 x7456

Photo of Rosie Hackett
Rosie Hackett Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program Chair; Associate ProfessorInterdisciplinary Studies; Humanities

Outdoor Leadership

Work Phone: 775-831-1314 x7499

Photo of Mary Kenny
Mary Kenny Associate ProfessorFine Arts

Home Phone: 775-831-1314 x7515

Photo of Robert King
Robert King Honors Program Chair; Associate ProfessorHumanities; MFA in Creative Writing

Philosophy, Literature, Political Economy

Home Phone: 775-831-1314 x7493

Photo of Brennan Lagasse
Brennan Lagasse Assistant ProfessorInterdisciplinary Studies; Science and Technology

Outdoor Leadership; Environmental & Social Sustainability

Work Phone: 775-881-1314 x7423

Photo of Chris Lanier
Chris Lanier Associate ProfessorFine Arts

Digital Arts

Work Phone: 775-831-1314 x7421Website:

Photo of Dan O’Bryan
Dan O’Bryan Associate Provost; ProfessorHumanities

Ethics & History

Work Phone: 775-831-1314 x7524

Photo of Sheri Leigh O’Connor
Sheri Leigh O’Connor Chair, Fine Arts Department; Professor; Director of Summer Visiting Artist WorkshopsFine Arts


Work Phone: 775-831-1314 x7588Website:

Photo of Rick Parsons
Rick Parsons Associate ProfessorFine Arts

Home Phone: 775-831-1314 x7587Website:

No Logo Available
Anne Shipley Professor EmeritusFine Arts

Photo of Daryl Teittinen
Daryl Teittinen Assistant ProfessorInterdisciplinary Studies; Humanities

Outdoor Technical Training

Work Phone: (775) 831-1314 x7530

Photo of Katie Zanto
Katie Zanto Interdisciplinary Studies Program Chair, Associate ProfessorInterdisciplinary Studies; Humanities

English, Outdoor Education

Work Phone: 775-831-1314 x7529

The areas of educational excellence at the Sierra Nevada College of Entrepreneurial Leadership are CREATIVITY (Studio Art, Creative Writing, & Communications), LEADERSHIP (Enterprise Creation and Management), and SUSTAINABILITY (the Environmental, Social, & Life Sciences).