Students graduating from SNC Tahoe are overjoyed with the completion of their degree
Our individualized advising, flexible course scheduling, and personal attention lead steady progress toward graduation.

The Graduation Guarantee

If you meet the qualification requirements, fulfill your responsibilities under the program, and are unable to complete your major in the specified time frame, SNC will assume all additional tuition costs needed to complete your undergraduate degree.

Incoming Requirements:

The Four Year Guarantee
  • Enroll as a Freshman at Sierra Nevada College.
  • Complete any required remedial work in the first semester.
The Two Year Guarantee
  • Have at least 60 transferable credits total.
  • Transfer at least 12 credits that articulate to meet SNC core course requirements.
  • Transfer at least 18 credits that meet major course requirements (or obtain your Department Chair’s approval for a two-year course plan to complete your degree).
Program Exceptions
  • The BFA in Fine Arts program requires an additional semester; 4 1/2 years for incoming Freshman, 2 1/2 years for qualifying transfer students.
  • The guarantee covers course tuition and institutional fees, but excludes specialized course fees and lab fees.
  • The guarantee may not apply to double majors.
  • The guarantee does not apply to the five-year Teacher Education Dual Degree program.

Student Responsibilities:

To qualify for the guarantee students must:

  • Enroll in an average of 15 credits per semester (a typical course load); not including remedial work or repeated courses.
  • Remain in good academic standing by maintaining a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 each semester overall and within their major.
  • Enroll in the required number of consecutive semesters: fall and spring, excluding summers;
    • Four Year Guarantee: 8 semesters (9 semesters for BFA students)
    • Two Year Guarantee: 4 semesters (5 semesters for BFA students)
  • Make up credits for any failed courses during the guarantee period, which may require you to take more than 15 credits per semester or summer school.
  • Declare their graduation major;
    • Four Year Guarantee: before registering for the third semester.
    • Two Year Guarantee: when registering for the first semester at SNC (prospective BFA in Fine Arts students should initially declare a BA in Fine Arts)
  • Fulfill all graduation requirements, including core curriculum, major/minor requirements, and upper division course work requirements.
    • Two Year Guarantee: complete enough upper division courses to have at least 42 upper division credits after four semesters.  (This is an average of 10.5 upper division credits per semester for students who do not transfer any upper division credits to SNC.)
  • Meet with their assigned Academic Advisor at least once per semester for preregistration.
  • Take all required courses during the semester recommended by their Academic Advisor.
  • Register for all upcoming courses during the preregistration period.
  • Students who elect to complete a Study Abroad semester must have a fully signed Transfer Prior Approval form filed in the Registrar’s office prior to their departure.

Find Out More

Contact the Office of Admissions to determine if the Graduation Guarantee is right for you and how this guarantee can save you money. When you’re ready to make the guarantee commitment, complete the Agreement Form with your Academic Advisor during Orientation.