Undergraduate Admissions


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Why Sierra Nevada University?


I get to wake up every day and stroll to class at Lake Tahoe, the best place on Earth. I found a beautiful home and an education for life.

Kallie Day, Class of 2014

I left Sierra Nevada University armed with an understanding of my role in this world and my potential to change it. I was not told what to think here, but how. I was told not what to do, but how to find my own solution, to always question if a better way is possible. I don’t know where that’ll take me, but it’s bound to be an interesting journey.

Savannah Hoover, Class of 2013

I lived in a few different towns and attended three different colleges before SNU, and I have to say the friends I’ve made here are people I want to have in my life forever.

Jake Pollock, Class of 2013

I love the small school aspect. You can go talk to the professors and they’ll sit down and help you.

Alex Daoussis, Class of 2015

We give you a broad interdisciplinary education. We make sure you can read, write, think well, problem solve and are visually and scientifically literate. Specific career skills might prepare you for your first job, but SNU prepares you for both the first and the next eight careers that you’re likely to have in your lifetime.

Shannon Beets, Provost

(Condensed and edited from interviews conducted by SNU journalism students and published in the ‘Eagle’s Eye’)