At Sierra Nevada College, we do our best to make private college affordable by offering generous academic scholarships and financial aid.


By submitting an Application for Admission, you will be automatically considered for merit scholarships based on your incoming cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average). See Sources of Financial Aid for information about grants and loans available to all students.

Sources of Financial Aid

Scholarships for Incoming Freshman

SNC Merit Scholarships

These annual scholarships are renewable each year for a maximum of four years, based on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Incoming first-year students that meet certain requirements are eligible for the SNC Four Year Graduation Guarantee.

ScholarshipAnnual AwardGPA Required
Trustee$11,0004.0 – 3.75
Presidential$6,0003.74 – 3.25
Provost$5,0003.24 – 3.0
SNC Eagle$4,0002.9 – 2.8

Targeted Scholarship Opportunities

  • Millennium Plus Scholars Award – $15,000 (Nevada High School Graduates)
    Incoming students who have qualified for a Guinn Millennium Scholarship will by automatically awarded the Millennium Plus Award from SNC in addition to the funds received from the state of Nevada, extending the mission of the Millennium Scholarship Program to help Nevada’s best and brightest students remain in-state. Millennium Scholarship recipients must graduate from a Nevada high school with a minimum 3.25 grade point average, complete a rigorous high school curriculum, and attend college in state. (High school counselors can tentatively determine eligibility for the Millennium Scholarship Program based on the student’s transcript).
  • Valedictorian ScholarshipFull Tuition This scholarship is available to all high school valedictorians in the State of Nevada and covers the full cost of tuition during the regular Fall and Spring terms each academic year.  This annual scholarship is renewable each year for a maximum of four years, based on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and Full time enrollment status.  Fees are the responsibility of the recipient and it cannot be combined with other SNC based scholarships.
  • Counselor Scholarship – $2,000  Undergraduate first-year students specifically recommended by their high school guidance counselors will be awarded this scholarship at the time of admission. It may be used in conjunction with another merit-based SNC scholarship if awarded.
  • Alumnus Legacy Scholarship – $3,000 This scholarship is available to new undergraduate students who are immediate or extended family members of an SNC Alumnus. It must be used for tuition only, and can be used in conjunction with other merit-based SNC scholarships and need based grants. Eligibility requirements and alumnus referral information is HERE.
  • Horatio Alger Scholarship – Provides assistance to deserving young students who have a high financial need, demonstrate integrity, are determined in overcoming personal adversity, and committed to make a contribution to society. Students who are awarded this scholarship will receive matching funds from SNC (not to exceed the cost of tuition). More information on this program can be found HERE.
  • Fine Arts Department Scholarships – $17,000 or $10,000  Students who participate in specific art shows are selected by the SNC Fine Arts Department for these annually renewable scholarships.  These scholarships cannot be used in conjunction with other SNC scholarships.  Contact Sheri Leigh-O’Connor for more information at
  • Ski / Snowboard Athletic Scholarships are awarded to members of the SNC Ski and Snowboard Teams. Please contact Branko Zagar, SNC Ski Coach, at (775) 831-1314 x7441 or for more information. Athletes may be required to submit a resume with prior skiing/riding history, current ability, and competition results.

Scholarships for Incoming Transfer Students

SNC Merit Scholarships

Transfer Scholarships of $11,000 per year are available to transfer students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. Partner Scholarships of $12,500 per year are available to eligible transfer students from a schools with whom we have an Articulation Agreement.

These scholarships are renewable each year for a maximum of four years, based on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

Incoming transfer students who have earned a minimum of sixty transferrable credits and meet other requirements are eligible for the SNC Two Year Graduation Guarantee.


Need-Based Financial Aid

SNC Institutional Grants  All students that apply for Federal Student Aid using the will be analyzed for an SNC need based grant to absorb 50% of the remaining unmet need for first-time freshmen students and 45% for all other students. The SNC School Code for the FAFSA is 009192. Incoming fall students are encouraged to submit their FAFSA before the end of February, but FAFSA forms are accepted and reviewed up until the start of the school year.

See Sources of Financial Aid for information about government and private grant and loan programs.

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