Graduate Student Ambassadors

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Word of mouth is our most powerful tool for spreading knowledge, establishing credibility and generating buzz.

Sierra Nevada College’s innovative graduate programs transform lives by combining individualized professional teaching and mentoring with schedules tailored to the demands of adult lives. Become an ambassador of Sierra Nevada College  – use your network to help us tell our story and build our student body. We will reward both you and your referral!

Starting immediately, any current student or alum who refers a new incoming student who is accepted and enrolls will receive a $50 Visa Cash Card AND your referral will receive an automatic $50 Tuition Scholarship that will be applied to their next semester.  There is no limit to how many students you can refer or how much you can earn.

Program Details:
  1. $50 Visa cash card for every student referred and accepted.
  2. Each referred student receives a $50 tuition scholarship.
  3. Fill out and submit the online referral form below. Forms must be completely filled out to be valid.
  4. You must submit your referral before your referral submits their application for admission.
  5. Your referral must list your name on the referral section of our SNC application or in their personal essay.
  6. Referred students must enroll in an MAT, MEd, or MFA degree seeking program, and stay enrolled through the end of their first semester.
  7. Cash reward cards will distributed after the enrollment requirement date.

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