PBS TeacherLine FAQ

1. How much is tuition for PBS TeacherLine courses?

SIERRA NEVADA COLLEGE’s graduate tuition is $75 per credit hour. This is in addition to the regular PBS TeacherLine course fees.

2. What is the Refund Policy for PBS Teacherline courses?

Refunds will only be granted if you withdraw by 5:00 pm the first Monday of class, and you notify SNC in writing of your withdrawal.  Your bill must be paid in full to receive an official transcript from SNC.

3. Can I enroll for graduate credit after the PBS course has ended?

Enrollment forms must be received and fees paid prior to the end of the PBS class. No one will be admitted retroactively to class that has ended.

4. Is SIERRA NEVADA COLLEGE accredited? 

Yes, SIERRA NEVADA COLLEGE, founded in 1969, is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

5. Can I transfer SIERRA NEVADA COLLEGE credits to my graduate program at another institution?

Degree program requirements can vary significantly from one institution to another. If you have any questions about whether credits will transfer, we encourage you to check with the program advisor at your institution before enrolling.

6. How many credits earned through PBS TeacherLine can I transfer to my graduate program?

Again, each graduate program has different requirements, so please check with your program advisor for the transferability of PBS TeacherLine courses.

7. How will my transcript record these PBS TeacherLine credits?

Your official transcript from SIERRA NEVADA COLLEGE will show PED (Professional Education Development) followed by the specific course number and name.

8. Will I receive a letter grade for the credits?

Yes, credits earned through SIERRA NEVADA COLLEGE for PBS TeacherLine courses are only evaluated on a letter grade basis.

9. When will the grades be posted to my transcript?

Please allow at least 14 business days for your grades to be posted to your transcript. SIERRA NEVADA COLLEGE will not mail a grade report to you; however, you can print an unofficial transcript from the SIERRA NEVADA COLLEGE STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (SNCSIS) system free of charge or order an official transcript from SIERRA NEVADA COLLEGE for a fee.

10. How do I get an official transcript from SIERRA NEVADA COLLEGE?

Official transcripts are $10 each and can be ordered online using any major credit card. Click here for instructions on how to order an official SIERRA NEVADA COLLEGE transcript.

11. What are the PBS Teacherline Course terms?

Information about course schedules and offerings is at pbs.org/teacherline/