Special Education (SPED)

Teaching children with special needs is an immensely rewarding field for people committed to making a difference in life. This degree will prepare Special Education teachers with the content, knowledge and pedagogical skills to effectively instruct students with disabilities and exceptional needs.

As a Special Education teacher you will learn formal and informal assessment strategies for teaching children with special needs in learning, emotional, and/or cognitive disabilities. This master’s in Special Ed prepares you to develop education programs based on assessment results that include parent involvement, State curriculum standards, and the implications of Federal legislation.

As you learn to teach special education, you will acquire research-based behavior management strategies and techniques to apply to schools, classrooms and individuals as you work with families, teachers and professionals in planning and adapting curriculum.

Your master’s degree in Special Education explores developmental transitions in childhood and adolescence and the interactions between students and their environment. In acquiring your advanced teaching skills, you will learn how to make accommodations and adaptations for children with special needs.