T Robert Pacini

New Frontiers: Paper Clay Construction

July 22nd – 26th, 2019

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Advance your personal vision by exploring paper clay, the new frontier in the evolution of ceramics.

Experience working uninhibited by the constraints of standard clay with techniques that allow for repair and construction at any stage wet, dry, and bisque.

Make larger more complicated work in half the time. Learn how accelerated drying, use of paper clay as armature and how once firing allows the freedom to create the seemingly impossible.



After a successful career, T left the corporate world and returned to school.

At age 32 she enrolled at the University of Central Florida to study with Hadi Abbas where she received a Scholarship to Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts as well as a scholarship to study in Japan and China. A semester at Alfred University round out her education.

As a student, T assisted several established Ceramic Artists and her mentors, working side by side, they include…Professor Hadi Abbas, Barbara Sorensen, Peter Callas, Paul Soldner, Fred Olsen and Peter Voulkos.

T. lectures, gives workshops, and shows regularly. Her work can be found in both private and public collections both here in the US and abroad including, Japan, China, Slovenia, and Turkey. Currently she also works at both Scripps Women’s College as Gallery Installer as well as caring for the Ceramic Collection and at Laguna Clay Company where she serves as Technical Service Coordinator. 

For more information about T, please visit: tpacini.com