Rick Parsons

DIY Pewter Casting

July 22nd – 26th, 2019

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This course will explore the lost wax process, while casting small pewter objects. We will cover all aspects of casting to create a base knowledge and vocabulary that is transferable to other types of metal casting. Techniques that will be covered include: rubber mold making, wax modeling, investing, and making a DIY (do it yourself) furnace for low temperature metals. Rick guides students through a series of mental exercises that encourages personal expression.

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Rick has been teaching at Sierra Nevada College for eight years and was named the 2012/2013 Faculty Member of the Year by the SNC student body and was awarded the Nazir and Mary Ansari 2014/2015 Excellence in Teaching Gold Metal Award.

He has also served as Sculpture Program Coordinator at Anderson Ranch Arts Center and has taught at both the University of Dallas, and Colorado Mountain College. Rick has been a visiting artist at San Jose State University, Colorado College, University of Miami, and Arizona State University. His sculpture has been exhibited throughout the country and was featured in a solo show Santa Clara University. Rick’s sculpture was the focus of an article in Sculpture magazine and published in the book Confrontational Ceramics: The Artist as Social Critic by Judith S. Schwartz and was featured in the documentary film “Questions of Art,” by Zach Jankovic.

Rick’s current work has been exploring the automatic writing, jazz thinking and three-dimensional form while addressing the environment. Rick was born and raised along the briny shores of Galveston Bay in Texas, he found himself nestled between the salt marsh and chemical refineries.


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