Nick Schwartz

Loosen Up, and Break the Rules

July 20th & 21st, 2019

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Learn how to “let go” and loosen up your technique. The Instructor will demonstrate how he makes gestural forms and large vessels. The class will discuss making forms for specific firing techniques in order to help convey what it is that we are trying to say as makers.

The workshop will include demonstrations, as well as hands-on time to work on the wheel or hand building.



Nick Schwartz was born in Manhattan, N.Y.  in 1975.  He grew up in a family embedded in the music industry and was surrounded by artists for much of his childhood. After discovering clay in high school, he went on to study at a small liberal arts school in Florida, where he was encouraged to travel abroad and set up independent studies in ancient cultures and their ceramic works.  After graduating from university, he traveled to Japan for an apprenticeship.  After a fortuitous turn of events, he found himself working with an avant-garde artist who had shared a studio with John Cage and Robert Rauschenberg.  Upon returning to the United States, Nick moved to Northern California and received a grant to build a community wood kiln.  He founded a circus, made ceramics, baked bread in a clandestine bakery and then founded Flynn Creek Pottery where he currently lives and works with his wife Jessica Rae Thompson.

Artist Statement

I live in the woods by the ocean in a forest scarred by fire.  The earth rumbles deep beneath my home and the hills are constantly in motion. Much of my time is spent collecting and processing wood for firings, simply meandering my way from task to task, contentedly working with the land.  I am trying to reestablish a long-forgotten language and dialogue with forces much greater than myself.  I think about the speed at which the world is operating and the technology which is redefining our relationship with time and space.  I am human, a brief dent in time, and a part of the matrix of all things living.