Lori Hanson

Plein Air Painting

June 11th – 15th, 2018

“The most important ally in the study of painting is the art of thinking.” -Payne


In this course we will engage in the art and applications of visual thinking, with the oil and acrylic painting mediums. We will paint outdoors to gain understanding of color theory, design and composition, paint handling (color characteristics and supports), drawing problems and concept. Hanson will also provide examples of and recommendations for the traveling painter’s set up. There will be daily demonstrations, visual and literary references to art history and brief focus lectures.


Lori Hanson is a California landscape painter who’s plein-air interpretations of the Sierra Nevada mountains and foothills evoke a sense of magic realism. She received her Master of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute and served an apprenticeship under celebrated artist Gregory Gillespie. In 2015 she worked on a graphic novel production with Jules Feiffer at South Hampton College in New York. Lori also illustrated the Bubblegum Princess, written by Julie Gribble (KidLit TV), published by New York Media Works, 2013.

Currently Lori loves to teach painting, drawing and nature journaling at Columbia College in the gold country, where she lives in an oak grove with her dog, and kitty. Her work is shown and collected in California and around the United States.