Amy Kline

Colorful Reduction: Slips, Tools, and Lots of Alternative Glazes

June 11th – 15th, 2018


We’ll be firing a Cone 10 Reduction Kiln with a New, Colorful Selection of Glazes! Bring lots of Bisque Ware! We’ll be applying color slip to your bisque ware and re-bisque firing the work. You will need to email me at for info regarding what temperature to bisque fire this work to for the best results. The glazes include a Cone 10 Reduction Pink, Turquoise, Lime Green and Orange! They’ll be 10 plus glazes for this workshop. This workshop also includes instruction in Firing Cone 10 Reduction, Throwing Porcelain and using Decorative Slip. Participants will also be on the wheel for hands-on work and individual instruction to improve your throwing skills.




Amy Kline was born in Plattsburgh, NY. She threw on a potters’ wheel at the age of 10 in Union Maine. For high school Amy attended Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan where she took a class in Pottery from Jean Parsons. Amy continued her studies with Val Cushing at Alfred University where she received a BFA in Ceramic Art. At the time Amy was also working in cast glass, casting bronze, and welding. She continued her education in Metal Sculpture and received her MFA from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Amy moved to Las Vegas, NV in the mid-90’s and built Pottery West. She has been hosting workshops and working with Tom Coleman since 2005. Amy currently resides in Henderson, NV where she continues to test glazes and develop tools. Amy’s life work revolves around throwing porcelain and firing in cone 10 reduction. See more about Amy here: