Italy: Monuments and Masterpieces

Inhabit the spaces once walked by Shakespeare’s Juliet, Pavarotti, and Leonardo da Vinci and the cities that hosted Italy’s rich cinematic, culinary, and industrial heritage.

Explore ancient Roman monuments, medieval palaces, and Renaissance and Baroque churches in Bologna, Verona, Turin, and Milan, guided by a Ph.D.-educated Italian art specialist. Join us to study Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance,Baroque, and Modern art immersed in its cultural context.

ARTH – 480: Tour Italy: Monuments and Masterpieces

Dates: March 10 – 20, 2018 (depart U.S. on March 9th for Milan, Italy)
Cost: $1800 Includes accommodation, breakfasts, one lunch or dinner per day, train travel, and activities (Price not inclusive of flight).
Registration: Register for this great opportunity during Fall Advising for your spring ’18 schedule! Registration deadline: Jan. 23, 2018.
Credits: 3 Art History Credits


You will meet your teacher at Milano Centrale, the main train station, and will quickly be whisked away to Bologna where we will begin our adventure. In each city you will receive a walking tour to learn about the city’s history and to develop an understanding of its layout. Days will be filled with activities – evenings will be free for your to explore local nightlife.


Widely regarded as the heart of Italian cuisine, Bologna is a treat with its lively food markets, red-brick architecture, and artistic masterpieces. We’ll take a cooking class here to learn how to prepare local dishes!



Recognized not only because of its Shakespearean connection (Juliet and Romeo lived in the fair city of Verona), the city sits on a delightful part of the River Adige. It has a rich Roman heritage with a remarkably intact amphitheater, that still hosts plays, concerts, and other spectacles. Our visit will include a trip to this monument along with the Castelvecchio Museum and a walking tour of the historic center.


Set against the stunning backdrop of the Alps, Torino, or Turin in English, is the heart of industrial Italy. The skyline is marked by the famous Mole Antonelliana dome. Once the capital of Italy and the seat of the Duchy of Savoy, it has a rich aristocratic heritage with both a fabulous Egyptian museum and Italy’s National Cinema Museum.



Milan is Italy’s financial and fashion center, but there’s more than just stocks and style to Milan. An ancient city, we’ll visit the beautiful canals that transported the construction materials for the city’s principal church, which we’ll climb all the way to the top and walk along its marble pinnacled roof. You’ll also see the city’s historic churches, Da Vinci’s Last Supper, and make a visit to Lake Como.

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